Indoor Euonymus

Indoor Euonymus

The genus of euonymus includes about 200 varieties of shrubs and low trees. China and Japan are considered the birthplace of this plant. Indoor euonymus belongs to unpretentious representatives of the flora, therefore it is often used by flower growers.

Peculiarities of indoor euonymus

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

In apartment conditions, home crops are often grown, which look like small trees. Indoor euonymus refers to just such. The description of the plant indicates that this representative of the flora is a tree-like evergreen specimen. Under natural conditions, shrubs can grow up to 4 meters, and when kept in a room, up to 1.5 meters. The culture has a ribbed tetrahedral stem. The crown is formed by dense opposite, leathery leaves with a shiny varnished surface.

The color of euonymus leaves can be from light green to white. Some varieties are able to change the shade of the foliage depending on the season. The flowering phase of the bush occurs in autumn.

Nondescript euonymus flowers do not give it decorative qualities. At the end of the flowering phase, boxes of seed appear on the crop.

Growing of indoor euonymus

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

To grow a beautiful miniature euonymus tree in an apartment or near a house, it is worth creating optimal conditions for its existence.

Seat selection

According to the advice of experienced florists, for planting euonymus, you should choose a well-lit area or a spacious, bright room. Thanks to the bright sunlight, the decorative qualities of deciduous crops are preserved. In an apartment, it is better to put it on the southeast or southwest window. Periodic airing of the room has a beneficial effect on the state of culture, but drafts should not be allowed.

Temperature and humidity

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

Comfortable conditions for indoor euonymus are considered to be the temperature in summer not higher than 25 degrees Celsius, and in winter – not lower than 10 degrees Celsius. If in winter, a miniature tree begins to lose leaves, then it should create a cooler climate.

In summer, it is better to take out the container with the plant to fresh air and put it in the sun. It is worth removing the decorative representative of the flora in the shade only in hot weather, otherwise the leaves of the bush may dry out. Also, flower growers should not forget that the culture prefers a high level of air humidity.

The soil

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

Indoor euonymus grows poorly on peat soils. The best substrate option for it will be one that is prepared independently of the following components:

  • 1 piece of leafy land;
  • 2 parts of turf soil;
  • 1 part sand.

The acidity of the prepared soil should be at a neutral pH. Alternatively, you can take natural loams, diluted with sand.

Transplant rules

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

Despite the slow growth of the indoor spindle tree, it still needs a transplant. If the grower noticed that the roots of the plant are visible from the drainage hole in the pot, then this means that it is time to start transplanting it to a new place. Alternatively, you can use a ceramic or plastic planter, on the bottom of which a drainage layer must be laid out.

Planting a miniature crop in a large container is not recommended. The best option for transplanting is the transfer of the spindle tree into a slightly larger container.

During the procedure, it is worth carefully straightening the root system of the bush, while not destroying the clod of earth. The root collar of the seedling should not be covered with soil.

How to care?

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

Caring for an indoor miniature tree is a simple procedure. Even an inexperienced florist can grow a euonymus bush.


This flora requires moderate irrigation. Too abundant watering is destructive for him. In very hot weather, it is worth irrigating the crop more often than on cloudy days. Do not allow the soil to dry out. You can check the moisture content of the soil by dipping a wooden stick into it. As a rule, 1 irrigation every 3-4 days will be enough for a miniature tree.

Spraying indoor plants has a beneficial effect on their growth and development. A weekly shower with warm water is of particular benefit to the apartment dweller. Such a procedure is not only able to wash away dust from foliage but also acts as a prophylactic agent against many parasites.

Indoor euonymus should be sprayed and watered only with warm water of minimum hardness. Otherwise, whitish spots will appear on its foliage. Drought for this representative of the flora is not as terrible as waterlogged soil.

Watering the tree regularly and abundantly can destroy it.


indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

The culture does not need a large amount of fertilizer. Provided that the soil is selected correctly, monthly watering of the euonymus with the help of a dissolved mineral complex fertilizer will be sufficient. Such feeding is required for a miniature tree from early spring to mid-autumn. The application of organic fertilizers is considered acceptable. Alternatively, you can use infused fresh mullein, bird droppings, green nettle, dandelion foliage.


indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

Since the indoor euonymus looks like a miniature tree or bush, it needs regular sanitary pruning. All weak, dry, deformed shoots should be cut off from the plant. This procedure can stimulate the formation of young buds and branches. In order to increase the splendor and bushiness, it is worth pinching each shoot by 2-3 buds.

Also, indoor euonymus can be decoratively trimmed. If desired, the crown can be made in the form of a ball, pyramid, and even a cone. Some growers show their imagination and create unusual living sculptures from the plant. Since the euonymus has poisonous juice, its shoots must be cut off exclusively with rubber gloves.

For the procedure, the instrument must be sharp and disinfected.


indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

From mid-autumn to the last winter day, this representative of the plant world continues a dormant period. At this time, the plant must be located in a cool place, otherwise, it will remain without leaves. Alternatively, the flower can be displayed on a glazed loggia.

In the dormant phase, watering the tree is more moderate, it will be enough 1 time in 8 days. Feeding the bush for this period should be stopped. Bright lighting is still vital for this species of flora, so for the winter, the flower pot should be rearranged to the south window.

Reproduction methods

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

To propagate and root indoor euonymus at home, you can use one of the following methods.

  • Seeds. Typically, a seed is removed with capsules closer to the end of autumn. During ripening, the capsules burst, and the seeds spill out of them. Further, the grower should choose the highest quality planting material, since only a healthy seed will give a beautiful plant. The seeds must be dried and then hardened in the refrigerator. When the skin bursts on the seeds, they are kept for 24 hours in a weak solution of manganese and sown in a prepared substrate. To prepare the soil on your own, you need to mix 2 parts of humus, 1 part of sod land, 4 parts of leafy soil, 1 part of sand. Seeds are sown to a depth of no more than 20 millimeters and covered with a prepared substrate. The planting must be moistened with a spray bottle and covered with polyethylene.

If the crops are kept at temperatures from 22 to 25 degrees above zero, then after a few months sprouts can be expected to appear. After a month or a half, you can start picking seedlings and growing them in individual containers.

  • Cuttings. This method of reproduction contributes to higher rates of growth and development of a healthy crop. From August to September, you can start cutting off the upper parts of the plant and rooting them in the substrate. The soil mixture should consist of equal parts of sand and peat. Moderate temperature helps to strengthen the roots of young plantings and the painless process of transplanting them into an individual pot.

Diseases and pests

indoor euonymus
indoor euonymus

An indoor spindle tree is considered a plant that shows good resistance to many infections of a viral, fungal, bacterial nature. The only exception, in this case, is rot. Often, the bush is attacked by sucking insect species, which are attracted by the juicy and bright foliage of the culture. To minimize infection with various ailments, the following measures should be taken:

  • send recently purchased plants to quarantine for 10-12 days;
  • prevent overcrowding of indoor vegetation;
  • conduct a regular examination of these representatives of the flora for various lesions and deformations;
  • isolate infected plants;
  • minimize the amount of damage to the crop during pruning;
  • shower the bush every 7 days;
  • use clean tools and containers for working with euonymus.

Indoor euonymus is an unpretentious decorative representative of the flora. Its cultivation consists in performing elementary care measures. In the open field, a miniature tree looks quite impressive.

When grown in a pot and kept in an apartment, a perennial is able to delight the owner all year round.


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