Install Lock on Metal Door

Install Lock on Metal Door

Situations often arise when you need to install lock on metal door. This is necessary if it is made by hand, it is required to cut in a second locking mechanism for greater protection. The easiest way to do this is to call a special service, but in most cases installing a lock in a metal door is not so difficult, so the installation can be done on your own. This will save you some money.

The main difference between locks for entrance and interior doors is their purpose. If the lock on interior doors is more of a formality than a means of protection, then locks for entrance doors should reliably protect the house from intrusion. For this reason, it is better to install not one, but two locks on a metal door. The distance between the locks should be no more than 30 centimeters. Of course, the door must also be of proper quality.

What is the best door lock installation kit

To install a lock in a metal door, you will need:

  • Roulette.
  • Pliers.
  • Curly and flat screwdrivers.
  • Adjustable wrench, or several wrenches of the desired size.
  • Screwdriver or drill.
  • A set of drills of the required diameter.
  • A hammer.
  • Pencil and paper.
  • Screws and screws.
  • Masking tape.

The difficulty of installing a door lock for a metal door consists only in the fact that you will have to work with metal of considerable thickness and strength. For overhead and mortise locks, the method of their installation is slightly different.

When carrying out any repair work, you must not forget about your safety. Therefore, it is better to work with protective gloves and wear goggles when cutting metal.

How to install mortice lock on a metal door

Adding a mortise lock on a metal door performed in the following sequence:

  • Make a markup of the location of the castle. The most convenient height for its installation is from 1 to 1.5 m. You can also place the lock at a distance of 80 or 90 cm from the floor.
  • In the end area of ​​the sash, mark the edges of the groove. From each end of the markings made, make small indentations with a drill, then between them you will need to make a notch with the help of a grinder. To prevent the drill from “running” on metal, you can first make light dents with a core and a hammer. For drilling, it is important to choose a drill of the appropriate diameter, it should be taken 2 mm larger than the thickness of the lock.
  • Cut a hole for the lock. Connect the drilled edges with lines. Now you have to work with a grinder, it is better to use a small tool. If the door is made of a profile, then you will need to cut a hole on both sides. For such work, a small grinder is the best fit. After making the hole, be sure to file the edges so that they are even.
  • Make a hole for the lock cylinder. At the next stage of inserting the lock into the entrance metal door, it is necessary to calculate the distance from the well to the edge of the device, transfer the marking to the sash. Also at this stage you need to make a markup in order to then install the door handles. It is best to draw the outline of the castle on the canvas, and make small holes with small steps along its perimeter, which are then connected into a single whole. After the slot is made, remove the metal, insert the lock (try it on), if necessary, then bore the hole to the required dimensions. This can be done with a drill equipped with a small abrasive wheel. The cylinder should fit well into the lock.
  • Make holes for fixing the handles. It’s simple: just drill the holes of the required diameter.
  • Put the mechanism in the case of the door leaf, mark the points for its fastening. For the fixing screws, make holes, then form a thread in them with taps.
  • Mount the lock. Insert the iron door lock (into the prepared slot), fasten with screws or self-tapping screws. Fasteners are often included with the device. Then install the cylinder, connect it to the lock. This requires a long screw that is inserted from the end.
  • After tightening the screws, check if the lock is working properly. If everything is in order, mount the door handles, trim. Lubricate the core with machine oil or other grease, check how the crossbars work.
  • Now you need to make a counter hole in the box, into which the latch and bolt will enter. First, do the markup, this must be done as accurately as possible. It is possible to hang a reciprocal plan on the bolts of the lock, cover (close) the sash as much as possible and in this position mark the edges of the response. Drill corresponding recesses for the crossbars in the door frame. Fix the reply.

To avoid any shifts, you need to regularly check the functionality of the mechanism as you install the lock.

After inserting the lock into a metal door, for normal operation of the mechanism, it is important to periodically clean it from dust and dirt, lubricate the mechanism. In new products, lubrication is already present, but those that have worked for several months require maintenance. To lubricate the crossbars, you need to push them to the maximum, distribute the lubricant over them, push them back. After 40 seconds, repeat this procedure again. Do this 3 or 4 times. Also, for the normal operation of the locks, do not allow the sash to sag. This requires adjusting the hinges and adjusting their work, selecting awnings that are suitable for the weight of the canvas.

How to install patch lock

This version of the lock is easier to mount, since the main part is on the sash, and not in the middle.

To install a lock to a metal door, you will need to do the following:

  • Attach the lock to the sash, make marks for its fastening, borehole and all other elements. Locking devices of this type are usually installed higher than mortise ones. This is done in order to make it easier to use the latch.
  • Mount pins for fastening on a metal sheet.
  • According to the marking, make a hole to exit the well to the outer side of the valve. Fix the surface lock with the pins from the inside of the room.
  • Check how accurately the mechanism works. If there are no problems, finally fix its body on the sash. Mount the trim on the outside of the door.
  • Make a reciprocal groove in the box, make a thread, install a patch block. It is necessary to fix the crossbars. It is important to do everything correctly, otherwise the crossbars will not fall into the corresponding recesses.

You can put a lock on a metal door of an overhead type on your own without special skills. This is much easier to do than to punch it in. The process itself takes a little time.

Install cylinder lock

The installation of locks to a metal door equipped with a cylinder mechanism is very common, since in the event of a breakdown there is no need to insert a new lock. It is enough to replace only its damaged larva.

The core is made in the form of a cylinder; it is not at all difficult to update such a device:

  • First you need to remove the spent larva.
  • After that, using a special key, you must open the mechanism. You do not need to remove any other elements of the lock.
  • From the side of the end, unscrew the screws with which the lock plate is fixed.
  • Using the key, close the device. Unscrew the screw in the center of the tongue.
  • Turn the key 40 degrees and pull the larva up.
    If the core of the lock is damaged, you will have to drill it out and then knock it out of the mechanism.

How to install multi-point Locks

There are a lot of manufacturers of lever locks, but when choosing them, you should give preference to European brands, since they are much easier to repair. If such a device fails, then you need to replace its spent core.

To install a lock of this type in a metal door, it is necessary to dismantle the existing case. To do this, open the door so that the transom elements are visible. After dismantling the key core. It is necessary to remove the armor plate, bolt, handle and key. It is not necessary to remove decorative elements.

After that, unscrew the fixing screws, remove the old part. Then install a new core, fix it. In some cases, it is not necessary to replace the lock element, and for its best operation, it is enough to simply recode the mechanism using a special key and instructions that are supplied with the product.

Install electromagnetic lock

These types of devices are significantly different from the lever and cylinder. They include two parts – a main and a counter plate.

Inserting a lock into a metal door consists of several stages:

  • The first step, as in the case of any such work, is to mark the installation site. First you need to attach the body to the door leaf. Glue the stencil in the place where the counter plate will be located. Then mark the points where the fasteners will be installed.
  • In the next step, you will need to drill a suitable hole for them. Fix the plate on the metal sheet using special washers. To ensure sufficient strength, you need to install a pair of washers for each screw. The metal washer is screwed on first, then the rubber one. This ensures a snug fit of the core.
  • Choose a place where the corner of the device will be located. Combine the main part with the anchor element. Use a hexagon to fix it.
  • To check correct installation, loosen the fixing bolt slightly. This will release the counter plate.

After that, you can connect the power supply and check how well the lock works. The main condition is the compliance of the plate and the base. With any displacement of parts, the mechanism will not work. To make it easier to install the lock on the entrance iron door, you should first study the instructions for it, watch the training video.

If there are no skills in installing electrical mechanisms, then in order to insert a lock into an iron door, it is better to call a master. He will do everything quickly and accurately.

A metal door is the best protector for an apartment, country cottage or industrial premises. But it will begin to perform its security functions only when the locks in it will be of a high class of resistance to opening. It is quite possible to put a lock on an iron door on your own, it is enough to have a set of ordinary construction tools and do everything accurately and accurately. It is better to install two different locks, then you can be sure of your safety.


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