Interesting ideas For Color Decor

Interesting ideas For Color Decor

Color accents are a very important thing in interior design, because without them the whole room is like one inexpressive place. Moreover, “emphasis” does not always mean “brightness”. If you need a common interior, then you need paintings, pillows, watches, mirrors. But there are not so obvious and therefore, not so hackneyed options for introducing color contrast.

Window frames

In new buildings, apartments already come with double-glazed windows installed, and, as a rule, the majority decides to leave them. If you want to replace windows, then consider the option of colored frames will be very helpful.

White, brown and sometimes blue double-glazed windows are popular. Mass scale and additions will complement the interior of the apartment or become its central element.

Interior doors

The most popular color solutions for interior doors are white, beige, gray is increasingly found, there are also many options for dark and light wood. Having opted for a bright contrasting door, you will get a very interesting version of the decor that you will not find at every step.

Ceiling and floor skirtings

Painting the skirting board is the easiest decor option, as only paint is needed. For these purposes, any baseboard for painting is suitable. There are also many color choices: in the color of the walls, ceiling or floor, as well as a tone different from the rest of the elements, which will go well with the general palette of the room.

In addition, the baseboard can be designed in the color of the doors, but in this case there is a nuance: some door manufacturers develop their own color scheme, and it can be difficult to choose the right shade of paint. If the door is painted in color according to RAL (international color matching system), picking up paint for the baseboard will not be difficult.


Bright or simply accent batteries can be made from old cast-iron, which you decided to leave, painting them in an interesting color. If you decide to replace the radiator, you can find a lot of very beautiful non-standard solutions on the market for both cast iron batteries and radiators made of other materials.

Gas piping and other technical elements

In some situations, it is not possible to hide all the available piping, and not everyone is ready for it – access to them must be arranged. In this case, they can be painted in an accent color and made of a technical element decorative. It is not necessary to choose bright colors, you can focus on the paint, which is several tones different from the main one.

Tile Grout

This option is especially relevant for the bathroom and the kitchen. We are used to picking up the grout as close to the tone of the tile as possible. But what if you look at it from a completely different angle and for example, add red grout to the white tile? Then with minimal effort you can get a completely fantastic result.


Most of us buy white plumbing out of habit, as this has been a universal solution for many years. It’s time to fix it, because any sink other than white will become the highlight of your bathroom. It’s worth mentioning right away that this is not the cheapest option, but definitely very interesting. It is important not to overdo it – you should not take a kit of a bathtub, toilet bowl and sink if you are staying on a bright color.


Contrast fittings will not only become a bright accent, but will make your design unique! This option is well suited in cases where you want to add colors, but not too much.


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