Is Vinegar Bad for a Washing Machine?

Is Vinegar Bad for a Washing Machine?

Enterprising housewives often use some products not quite for their intended purpose and at the same time quite successfully. So, for example, there is a version that adding vinegar to the washing machine is very profitable, since the consumption is minimal, and the quality of the wash is high. But whether washing with vinegar is really that safe remains to be seen.

How harmful is vinegar to technology?

If it comes to the dangers of this or that remedy, then it all depends on the proportion. Of course, if you pour a liter of acetic acid into the machine, there will be little use in this. But if you know exactly how much vinegar to pour, and observe the dosage, do not use it often, and use it in necessary situations, then there will be no harm to the machine. On the contrary, the property of vinegar to soften water, with regular use of the solution, will save you from problems with the formation of scale and limescale on the internal parts of the machine. Therefore, you need to add vinegar to the washing machine!

Attention! Thus, occasionally vinegar is not only harmless to the machine, but even useful. It can be used to rinse and clean the contents of the machine, and not just for washing. To do this, pour vinegar into the powder receptacle and start the run program without laundry.

Undoubtedly, any acid is a pretty strong remedy. But vinegar, in any case, is much less aggressive than dry powders, bleaches, and other factory detergents. This is evidenced by the frequent use by housewives of washing with vinegar of delicate fabrics. But sometimes it is not so easy to find a suitable sparing remedy for them.

The only negative is the smell. It remains on things after washing, and inside the machine, and spreads around the apartment after opening the hatch cover. However, acetic acid is very volatile and the smell disappears quickly. If for some reason things continue to smell unpleasant, after the first wash with ordinary powder, the “aroma” will disappear.

The benefits of vinegar when washing

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of a 9% vinegar solution is its ability to soften water. But there are also other, lesser-known, but no less important abilities:

  • Replacing the air conditioner. After washing with vinegar, clothes feel soft.
  • Antistatic properties.
  • Ability to remove stubborn odors from sweat or perfume.
  • Whitening properties without damage.
  • Antibacterial properties.

In addition, over time and experience, many housewives discovered the completely irreplaceable abilities of the vinegar solution in everyday life: fixing bright colors on clothes and removing greasy stains. So, for example, by washing a new multi-colored item with vinegar, you will save it from the risk of shedding for a long time. And if you plant a greasy stain on your clothes, don’t panic. Just pour vinegar over the stain and then wash: the oil stain is gone!

Where do you put vinegar in a washing machine?

It is very important to know how to use vinegar, depending on what properties you want to see in action. After all, the final result also depends on the correct operation, and this is extremely important!

  1. Air conditioning. It is better to wash the newly purchased items in this way in order to give them antistatic properties and to get rid of the factory impregnation. Add a glass of vinegar to the softener drawer and wash as usual.
  2. Whitening. To bleach fabrics that have yellowed over time, the vinegar should be added directly to the drum. Even if the machine is full, one glass is enough for an excellent result.
  3. Disinfection. To perform antibacterial treatment, pour two glasses of solution into the compartment for the conventional detergent and start the “Rinse linen” mode. Do the same if you want to disinfect machine parts.
  4. Removing stains. Just moisten them with vinegar and wait a few minutes. If the removal is incomplete, repeat the procedure.
  5. SM care. It is enough to use acetic acid for such purposes once a month. Your machine will be in perfect condition, you can be sure. Pour five cups of vinegar into the main powder compartment and carry out a normal wash without laundry. This measure is good not only for preventing the formation of pollution but also for their complete elimination. Even the most neglected case can be “cured” with vinegar, and this is truly amazing.
  6. If there are no specific goals, you can use a comprehensive care solution. It is sufficient to simply add small amounts of vinegar to the base powder. Then it will perform both the functions of conditioning when rinsing linen, and the functions of bleach, and even a disinfector. Isn’t it a miracle?
How much citric acid to pour - 1, 2 or 6 packs at once, depends on the volume of the washing machine and the degree of its pollution
How much citric acid to pour – 1, 2 or 6 packs at once, depends on the volume of the washing machine and the degree of its pollution

It is important to strictly observe the dosage of the product, otherwise you can ruin things.

As you can see, it is not for nothing that many of the properties of vinegar remain undisclosed, because it is not profitable for manufacturers of detergents to have such a much cheaper and much more effective competitor. But it is worth saying that you do not need to completely abandon conventional laundry detergents, after all, you can’t go anywhere without them.

Effective and hypoallergenic

Good news for new moms! Unlike most powders and detergents that contain varying amounts of chemical allergens, vinegar is perfectly safe for the baby. The only thing that can confuse a baby is the notorious smell, but if you ventilate the laundry well in the fresh air, it will evaporate. After washing children’s little things with vinegar, you can be sure: the product is completely hypoallergenic.

Attention! Vinegar for washing is also good because it does not leave whitish streaks on the fabric, unlike most dry powders.

When washing stubborn stains, you can add a little more regular baking soda to the vinegar. Together, these two products give an excellent whitening result, so even stubborn stains of blood, fat, fruit, etc. can be removed. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar resembles regular laundry detergent. To remove stains, the mixture can be put into a powder receptacle, or it can be treated with stains immediately before washing and pointwise. In especially difficult cases, it is permissible to combine both.

The versatility of the solution is amazing. It is used not only for washing, but also in hair care, household appliances, diseases, and more. But you should always remember that in any case, an overdose does not bode well. Use vinegar in moderation, and then it will never cease to amaze and delight you.


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