LDF – Natural Perfection in the Interior

LDF – Natural Perfection in the Interior

This year, the main trend is the natural interior in every sense of the word. This, on the one hand, means that you don’t have to worry about stylistic cleanliness by mixing decor elements and furniture gleaned from different eras. And on the other – that it is necessary to give priority to natural materials. The decoration triumphantly returned wallpaper and plaster, as well as wood and stone.

In fact, the tree did not go anywhere. Another thing is that wooden elements were actively used mainly where variations reigned on the theme of “country”, from Provence to American classics. Now the situation has changed, and wood decor will be appropriate everywhere – even in an ultramodern bachelor apartment, at least in a family country house, which cannot but rejoice.

However, there is also a fly in the ointment in the barrel of honey: in order to create an impeccable finish, you need very high-quality natural materials. And this, firstly, is expensive, and secondly – for a long time. Judge for yourselves – to assemble a wooden panel or at least a fashionable wide baseboard, you have to buy material with a large margin, spend a lot of time on the selection and tinker with installation.

A common alternative is plastic, which is inexpensive and looks cheap, not to mention the dubious environmental properties.

However, modern technology allows you to save money, but you can do without torment, and even vice versa – to enjoy the process of finishing work. LDF – a full-fledged analogue of a tree that everyone can afford. Eco-friendly and lightweight material has all the advantages of wood, but completely devoid of its shortcomings.

Profiles with perfect geometry and a completely flat surface easily fit together in any direction. Panels are recruited from them, they are used as baseboards or ceiling cornices – of any shape, width and length. Moreover, with their help, you can quickly and cleanly make a portal for a fireplace with an artificial flame.

Trends and Solutions

1. The wider, the better: wide skirting boards and ceiling cornices are in fashion. They not only look good, but also bring benefits, hiding flaws in the geometry of the room, and sometimes the negligence of finishers. In addition, the wide baseboard serves as an excellent anti-vandal protection for expensive wallpapers, which is especially true if the family has children or pets. Moldings are easy to mount with conventional self-tapping screws, and they are quite flexible, so the slight curvature of the manually plastered wall is no longer a problem.

2. The trend for the brave is black. Abroad, homeowners who prefer wooden houses are literally obsessed with coal-black: moldings, panels, and floors are painted on it. As they say, we do not recommend repeating the experiment at home, however, experimenting with contrasts is not only possible, but also necessary. In the end, the dark skirting board looks really cool if it is even and perfectly smooth, which is guaranteed.

3. Panels are everywhere. If earlier wall panels were used mainly in country houses or in the corridors of city apartments, today they are welcome in all rooms, from the bedroom to the living room. Paneling visually ennobles the room, improving its proportions, serves for additional sound insulation and, again, protects the surface of the wall from accidental damage. Now you can not be afraid of hassle: decorating a wall with LDF panels is a little more difficult than pasting it with wallpaper, and much easier than plastering.

Fashion trends do not require sacrifice: you save money, time and effort with uncompromising quality finishes.


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