Manual Brush Cutter: Tool Selection Criteria

Manual Brush Cutter: Tool Selection Criteria

Work in the garden and the front garden requires a lot of attention, effort and time. A variety of tools come to the aid of gardeners. Their correct set will help to make a certain type of work much faster and more efficient. A reliable assistant to amateur gardeners is a manual brush cutter. This article will tell about the variety of models, their features and selection rules.

Manual brush cutter: a variety of models and characteristics

The modern market is represented by a wide range of brush cutter models. Tools are divided into groups and types depending on the power source and functionality of different device options. Based on the method of energy consumption, brush cutters are divided into four types. The most popular are manual (or mechanical) models. Quite common are devices using gasoline, battery or electric power.

A mechanical brush cutter is the easiest option. In structure and function similar to conventional clippers. A distinctive feature is the long handle, which increases the efficiency of work.

The manual brush cutter is easy to use. The tool does not need service, and its cost is much lower than gasoline, electric or battery models. The average size of the device reaches half a meter in length, while the cutting part is almost half the product – up to 0.25 m.

Mechanical Manual brush cutter
Mechanical brush cutters are not expensive and easy to use.

The main disadvantage of a hand tool is the need to use physical force, so it is impossible to work with it for a long time, and it is also difficult to process large sections with it. The advantages of the device are much greater than the shortcomings: it is lightweight, compact, silent, inexpensive, suitable for use in any weather conditions, without requiring power and fuel.

Manual brush cutters are convenient to trim low hedges from bushes with thin branches. It’s hard to take care of thick and tall plants using this tool, as your hands get tired quickly, which negatively affects the result.

When choosing a mechanical tool, it is better to give preference to a brush cutter with rubber pads, thanks to which the hands do not slip, and the quality of work increases. The best models of this type are Gardena brush cutter, as well as products of the German company RACO and the Chinese company GRINDA.

Helpful advice! Before you buy an electric brush cutter, you need to inspect the tool, paying special attention to the blade and handle, and it is also recommended that you first try it in practice.

Rating of brush cutters: electric, gasoline and battery models

By functional features, brush cutters are divided into two groups. The first is composed of tools resembling petrol-scissors. The mechanism is a crossed knife operating in the same plane. You can cut with such scissors in the forward and reverse directions. If you need to give a certain shape to the bushes or you often need to level the hedge, it is better to buy a gas brush cutter.

The second group of brush cutters includes appliances whose functionality makes them look like trimmers or mowers. Tools of this kind are equipped with gasoline or electric engines, special rods that transmit energy to the head, and a cutting part – in fact this is a circular saw. The best among these options is the Stihl gas brush cutter.

Stihl brush cutter
Stihl brush cutter – rightfully considered the best among gasoline models

The Shtil 450 brush cutter (Stihl FS 450) belongs to a number of professional models that mow large volumes of hard and thick grass, undergrowth. With their help, roadsides and railway tracks are cleared from overgrowths up to 12 cm in diameter. The device has a powerful engine and a relatively low weight of 8 kg. The handle of the brushcutter is adjustable for human height. The system is equipped with an anti-vibration device.

The most famous professional models include Husqvarna products. Husqvarna brush cutters are lightweight but very strong aggregates designed for long and hard work to clean the forest.

Electric brush cutter is a more powerful device compared to a mechanical tool, which makes it possible to use it to perform complex tasks.

An identical (with an electric model) operating principle has a cordless brush cutter. It is worth buying such a device if it is not possible to use an electric cable. The absence of a cord makes the device more maneuverable, but in price terms such brush cutters are the most expensive.

Technical specifications and selection rules for brush cutter

Brush cutters, regardless of the principle of operation, have such general technical characteristics as power, size of knives, speed of revolutions. The power of electrocute cutter is on average 0.5 kW. The appliance running on gasoline has a power of up to 1.6 kW. The optimal value of this indicator of the device is 0.6 kW.

A knife or tire is the main cutting element of the device. Its length determines the territory of capture and the number of processed bushes. Thus, the longer the tire, the more shrubs will be treated in one pass. But at the same time, a knife too long reduces the maneuverability of the brush cutter. For gasoline devices and electric models, the length of the knife varies from 40 to 70 cm, for battery ones – from 10 to 60 cm. The most popular knife sizes are 50 cm.

In the operation of the device, an important role is played by such an indicator as the number of revolutions of the knife per minute. The stronger the rotation, the more perfect the cut. This characteristic for different models ranges from 1600 to 3500 rpm. The most powerful are Bosch electric brush cutters.

Choosing the right model, it is necessary to consider the following nuances:

  • the size of the cultivated area and the amount of work;
  • types and sizes of plants;
  • frequency and duration of work;
  • distance to a source of electricity;
  • material of which the tool is made;
  • gardener’s age and gender.

Electric brush cutters: ranking of the best models

The use of electric brush cutters is advisable if the distance from the mains to the treated area does not exceed 30 m – this is the maximum length of the cords of electrical appliances. Under the condition of a longer distance, it will be necessary to use an extension cord, which significantly reduces the level of safety.

Helpful advice! Do not use an electric brush cutter after rain. Such work is fraught with risk.

In addition, the very likelihood of electric shock poses a potential danger in the use of the device. Its power is an order of magnitude less than that of a gasoline analogue. The work is complicated by a long cord. During use, electrical devices can get tangled in wires.

Electric brush cutters quiet
Electric brush cutters quiet in operation, lightweight and multifunctional

At the same time, electrical appliances have several advantages. Their advantages, in comparison with the gasoline counterpart, are the lack of the need to purchase fuels and lubricants and regular inspections, as well as lower cost. They are environmentally friendly, lightweight, multi-functional, have high performance and work quietly. The list of the most popular models includes brush cutters of the Italian company Alpina, American Black & Decker, German AL-KO, Metabo and Bosch.

One of the most sought after models is the Bosch AHS 45-16 electric brush cutter. The tool is designed for cutting bushes, with its help it is easy to give the hedge the desired shape. Electric motor power – 450 watts. The tire length is 42 cm, the gap between the knives is 16 mm, the number of revolutions is 3400 per minute. The device is quite compact, its weight is only 2.9 kg.

Buy cordless brush cutter: which model is better

The principle of operation of cordless brush cutters is a self-contained battery, which must be recharged periodically. The tool is used in cases where shrubs are far from the mains or the hedge is small.

Cordless brush cutters can not cope with thick branches, they can not afford large amounts of work. The device must be constantly recharged, approximately every 40 minutes. With a very intense load on the knife blades, recharging may be required after 20 minutes of operation.

Bosch batteries charge quickly
Bosch batteries charge quickly and last a long time

Therefore, such a brush cutter is best suited for trimming branches 2 cm thick. For cutting high plantations, it is better to use telescopic brush cutters with folding rods. With their help, you can even cut shoots with a height of 3 m.

The best among these models are cordless brush cutters Bosch and Gardena from Germany, as well as Japanese counterparts Hitachi and Ryobi.

Bosch cordless brush cutters are wireless devices for cutting hedges and bushes. Most models are equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery pack, which takes a little less than an hour to charge. Tools have an anti-lock system of smooth operation. These are lightweight and compact designs that work for quite some time. However, they practically do not affect human fatigue. The cutting system, thanks to special teeth in the front of the knife, allows you to quickly remove branches up to 25 mm thick.

Helpful advice! You can not use the device to cut branches having a thickness greater than that provided by the technical characteristics of the device.

Ryobi cordless brush cutters
Ryobi cordless brush cutters are some of the best

Gasoline trimmer trimmer: versatile gardening tool

The brush trimmer is used for mowing grass in hard-to-reach places where a wheeled lawnmower is not able to reach. These are places near trees and shrubs, walls, fences and paths. When purchasing a tool, you need to proceed from the tasks facing the tool. A gasoline unit is perfect in cases of harvesting hay or removing a large number of weeds.

Cutting elements should be selected depending on the type of plantings. If there are trees, bushes and stones, then you should use a special cutting line. Its use will prevent damage to the knives and preserve the integrity of the trees. If the trimmer is used only for mowing weeds, then electric models from companies such as Viking, Jonsered or Bosch are suitable. The thickness of grass and branches affects the choice of a specific tool.

Trimmers come in two forms. They are distinguished by the shape of the handle, which can be T-shaped or in the form of the letter “D”. The second option is used when maximum maneuverability is required. The device with a T-shaped handle is used to perform a large amount of work in an open area. Powerful models are equipped with a three-blade knife that can cut branches up to 15 mm thick.

Gasoline trimmer
Gasoline trimmer trimmer can also be used to cut trees and mow grass.

Modern trimmers are equipped with connectors for additional nozzles. The tool can be used not only for mowing grass, but also as a delimber, snow blower or cultivator.

Cordless garden shears: features and specifications

An excellent alternative to brush cutters for processing small areas is cordless scissors for grass and bushes. Like any gardening technique, this tool can have an amateur or professional purpose. What are the best to buy cordless scissors for cutting grass and shrubs, we will understand below.

The principle of operation of cordless grass shears is quite simple. In caring for a small territory of up to six hundred square meters, and it is precisely this area that most summer cottages have, you just can’t do without special equipment. For cultivation of the lawn, pruning of branches near fruit trees and bushes, summer residents use secateurs, mowers, brush cutters, but increasingly they prefer lawn cordless scissors.

It should be noted that the use of mechanical scissors and pruning shears negatively affects the skin of the hands, since the force and friction lead to the formation of corns. Gas cutters, as a rule, have a large weight, dimensions and are not cheap. These simple arguments encourage experienced gardeners to buy cordless shears for grass and other plants.

Cordless garden shears
Cordless clippers for small areas

Helpful advice! Cordless and electric brush cutters do not emit exhaust fumes. They are light enough that allows women to use them.

Why buy cordless shears for cutting grass and bushes

The main advantage of such scissors is that there is no need to refuel them and connect them to the network. Therefore, you can use the tool in different, even the most remote places from civilization. You will also not have to inhale the fumes emitted by gasoline appliances.

Cordless scissors have a simple working principle, so even inexperienced amateur gardeners can use them. The mechanism is driven by lithium-ion batteries. They are built into the device or made replaceable. A normal battery lasts an average of 2 hours of continuous cropping. The length of time depends on the battery capacity. The duration of the scissors also affects the load. Cutting thicker branches leads to a fast discharge of batteries, and a full charge may take up to 5 hours.

But the most important advantage is the small size and low weight. According to reviews, the battery shears for grass and bushes are quite light, compact and maneuverable. The maximum weight of most models barely reaches 600 grams. The exception is powerful professional devices with a weight of more than one and a half kilograms.

Cordless scissors
Cordless scissors are easy to use, so even suitable for beginners

Before you buy garden cordless scissors for cutting grass and shrubs, you need to check the working width, that is, the maximum area that can be processed in one swath. There are two sizes – 8 and 16 cm.

The principle of operation of the cordless tool is quite simple. The mechanism includes a working unit, consisting of two knives. Movable is the upper blade, powered by a motor, and the lower knife is static.

Cordless grass shears: manufacturer choice

Gardening equipment is produced by many manufacturers. Experienced gardeners are advised to give preference to brands that are well established in this market segment. By right, the leader in this list are cordless Bosch grass shears and Gardena brand tools. Models of other brands are less popular.

Bosch cordless grass shears have interchangeable nozzles, one for mowing lawns and the other for cutting bushes. The duration of continuous operation of such a tool is at least one and a half hours.

Bosch scissors
Bosch scissors are a leader in this market segment

Lightweight and compact cordless grass scissors with the Bosch ISIO telescopic bar are ideal for cutting lawn edges and treating hard to reach areas. The tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Its charge lasts 40 minutes. The degree of charge is controlled by a four-stage LED.

Gardena Comfort Cut cordless grass shears are an analogue of the model discussed above, not inferior to it in characteristics. The tool is also equipped with two nozzles for processing grass and cutting branches of bushes. Uninterruptedly rechargeable Garden scissors can work up to 2 hours.

Garden cordless shears: professional models

Hitachi scissors have one head, they are used both for mowing lawns and for cutting bushes. They are characterized by high productivity: in 40 minutes you can process up to 25 square meters of grass stands. The unit without additional nozzles easily cuts branches up to 8 mm thick.

Makita cordless scissors is a professional tool, it is used both for lawn processing and for cutting bushes. A distinctive feature is a wide grip reaching 160 mm.

Makita professional cordless scissors
Makita professional cordless scissors are used not only for cutting bushes, but also for lawns

Helpful advice! To perform a large amount of work, cutting thick branches and old bushes, it is better to purchase gasoline brush cutters. But only men can cope with such an instrument, since the device is quite heavy. When choosing a gasoline engine, you should pay attention to the anti-vibration system and exhaust filtering. Operation of the device should not adversely affect the human body.

The listed models are made in accordance with the latest technologies, are characterized by high quality, reliability of materials, ergonomics and a high level of safety. Regarding pricing, Garden grass shears are the most affordable option.

Working with cordless grass shears: gardener tips

Before starting operation of any device, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions, and also take into account a number of special nuances that are not indicated in the recommendations. They are referred to by experienced gardeners who have tested the tool in work:

  1. Knives need to be sharpened regularly. For this, the laser sharpening method should be used exclusively.
  2. When buying a tool, you should give preference to models with a lithium-ion battery, which is used even at low temperatures.
  3. For devices with a removable battery, it is advisable to buy a spare battery, which will provide continuous operation.
  4. Some models have rotary knives, which allows you to cut grass in hard to reach places.
  5. The battery charging time depends on the capacity of the battery. It works longer – it takes longer to charge.
  6. You should take care of your own safety and in no case do not work without gloves, as the knives are very sharp.
  7. For recharging it is necessary to use exclusively a “native” charger: other charges can lead to rapid battery wear.
Working with cordless grass shears
Before you begin, it is recommended that you study the instructions and tips of experienced gardeners

When buying a brush cutter or garden shears, you should consider the amount of work, the frequency of use of the tool, the ability to connect to the network. You should also pay attention to the manufacturer, to heed the advice of experienced gardeners. Choosing the right model of brush cutter directly affects the degree of comfort of the garden work. Reliable helpers, which include brush cutters, will help turn hard work into pleasure.


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