Mexican Power Outlets

Mexican Power Outlets

Power outlets in Mexico are 127 volts at 60 Hz. This means that all electrical appliances brought from the USA, where the voltage is 110 V, will work in Mexico. But many devices brought from other countries, including from Europe, will not work at all or will work with a significant loss of power.

Many modern electronic devices are equipped with a pulse transformer operating in a wide voltage range of 110-230 V. This applies to smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and other electronics. If your appliance does not clearly state that it operates on 110-140 V or 110-230 V, do not take it to Mexico!

Transformers that convert voltage from 110-140 to 220-230 V are not always an effective solution. For powerful electrical appliances, they are expensive and bulky. It is often easier to buy a new local voltage appliance.

Power outlets and plugs

In Mexico, as in the United States, North American type A and B plugs and plugs are used. These are two flat prongs of different widths. Type A – without grounding, type B – with grounding. A type A plug will fit a Type B outlet, but not vice versa.

mexican power outlets
A type A plug will fit a Type B outlet, but not vice versa

If you have a different plug, an adapter is indispensable.

Adapters from the European standard to the North American standard in Mexico can be bought everywhere, for example, in OXXO stores, at supermarket checkouts, and even in pharmacies. They cost up to 100 MXN ($ 5). Many hotels provide adapters to their guests free of charge. We recommend that you bring the adapter with you so as not to waste time searching and buying in Mexico.

⚡️How to use a device that needs 220 volts?

If you have a device that only works on 220 volts, then you can use this thing:

This is a transformer that can do 220 from 110 volts and vice versa. Moreover, you can insert different plugs into it. I couldn’t find one in the store, so I ordered it online at Mercadolibre. The device is called “Convertidor De Voltaje” or “Convertidor de Tension”.

Have a good charge!



Pretty Woman on October 5, 2021

Tell me what to do? The voltage, as I understood in Mexico, is 110V in sockets, and I have all the equipment at 220V, starting with a hair dryer, etc. How is this problem solved?


Karl for Pretty Woman on October 5, 2021

Well, the hair dryer will work, it will just spin slower and heat more quietly …. Actually, there are hair dryers in hotels. And other equipment – charging phones, power supplies for laptops – they, as a rule, work for 110 and 220. Just buy an adapter for flat pins, they are sold here in any supermarket.


Orlando on October 5, 2021

What adapters are needed, like in the USA, flat?


Karl for Orlando on October 5, 2021

Adapters are sold in any supermarket in the section where the light bulbs are sockets.


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