Mosquito Net: Protect Your Home From Insects

Mosquito Net: Protect Your Home From Insects

Previously, in order to protect the room from the penetration of insects, gauze or tulle was hung on the windows, which could not reliably retain pests. Installing a mosquito net will not only protect the room from insects, but also stop poplar fluff, leaves and small debris thrown up by living neighbors into it. Some types of structures retain street dust. A wide range of models allows you to choose the best option for any window.

Why is it recommended to put mosquito nets on windows, what to look for when buying

In the hot season, you do not want to keep the windows closed, because the room warms up quickly, it becomes hot and stuffy in it, which reduces the comfort of staying in the room. When it is warm outside, in addition to fresh air, insects, dust, fluff from trees and other irritants fly into the room without the presence of any obstacle. Such a design helps to effectively cope with such problems, especially since production and installation does not take much time. Before inserting a mosquito net, you should carefully consider the choice of the best option, because in retail establishments there is a large assortment of products that differ in the following characteristics:

  • material of manufacture;
  • light transmission capacity;
  • cell size;
  • type of canvas;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • price.

Helpful information! When choosing a material for a mosquito net for a plastic window, you need to understand that the strength and durability of the finished product depends on it.

Before buying, you should also take into account the peculiarities of caring for the canvas; this process should not take much time or effort. If you plan to install it yourself, you need the purchased option to be easy to install without the use of any complex tools. The size of the cells must be selected not only taking into account the insects common in the region, but also taking into account the throughput of the product, so as not to darken the room, which is already devoid of sunlight.

As for the price of mosquito nets for plastic windows, everything here will depend not only on the material chosen, but also on the color. Some people like to install on windows not the usual options of a neutral shade, but products of a bright and catchy color, which make the window an integral part of the interior of the room. In this case, preference should be given to protection made of high-quality materials that do not have any extraneous chemical odors.

The mosquito net is bought once, and it works all the time.
The mosquito net is bought once, and it works all the time.

Classification of mosquito nets on plastic windows based on the method of installation

Before installing the mesh on a plastic window, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of products. In housing there are a large number of openings through which various irritants can penetrate. The grids differ depending on the purpose:

  • window;
  • door;
  • on the vents;
  • on roof windows;
  • non-standard large canvases for terraces;
  • universal.

Some companies also specialize in the production of meshes of various shapes, designs are:

  • arched;
  • triangular;
  • trapezoidal.

In addition, options with a different mounting method are available for purchase. Most often, installation takes place using the following elements:

  • hooks;
  • velcro;
  • magnets;
  • loops;
  • corners and rods;
  • buttons;
  • adhesive tape.

In most cases, in retail outlets, products are divided according to the method of installation into the following categories:

  • roller shutter;
  • frame;
  • Velcro nets;
  • pleats;
  • magnetic;
  • roller.

Mosquito netting with Velcro is considered the easiest option in terms of operation, because installation simply requires fixing the sticky parts on the surface of the window frame. Most often, this method is preferred when it is not possible to install a conventional frame product. The main advantages of using a velcro mesh on the window:

  • due to the absence of a rigid frame, it is easy to store it compactly;
  • in the manufacture of materials used for household use;
  • the canvas is durable, good ability to withstand winds and other manifestations of bad weather.

Before fixing the mosquito net, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the opening from dust and dirt with a cloth and soap solution, after which the surface should be thoroughly dried. Then you need to remove the protective layer from the mesh and carefully stick the tape around the frame perimeter. Next, you need to take a mosquito net with Velcro, attach it to the tape and press it well. Installation of this kind of product will not take more than 5-10 minutes, and the process itself will not cause any difficulties for anyone.

Helpful information! The design of the sticky mosquito net is based on an elementary principle of operation, when one surface is represented by small hooks, and the other is a fleecy surface. Depending on the quality of the Velcro, these nets are designed for 500 insertion and removal cycles.

Installation of a frame-type mosquito net : installation and use features

Most often, mosquito nets of a frame type are mounted on the windows, because this option is distinguished by its affordable cost and reliability. In terms of features of use, the option, although not the easiest, does not cause unnecessary difficulties for installation and removal. The main thing is to put the product on the window before the appearance of pests and from time to time to clean it of dust. The structure itself looks like a frame on which the mesh is stretched. Depending on the type of material used to make the frame, designs are:

  1. PVC. The most popular option due to its low cost and long service life. In this case, it is very important to place an order with manufacturers who give a guarantee for their products.
  2. Made of aluminum. More reliable, unlike the first option, because the design is able to withstand temperature extremes. It is permissible to leave the aluminum frame on the window throughout the year, because the material is able to withstand high temperatures.

Helpful information! Experts recommend choosing the maximum possible thickness of the aluminum frame: the larger it is, the longer the mesh can be used. Depending on the type and price of the mosquito net for the window, the thickness can vary from 0.7 to 1 mm.

When buying, you need to carefully examine the profile of the frame structure and not purchase options that have jags or defects. Ideally, the profile should be smooth and neat. It is also important to inspect the corners; you can safely mount and take out products with strong and reliable joints.

An important role in the installation is played by the handles built into the mesh, which are often made of soft or hard plastic, but metal-plastic fittings are considered the most reliable. Before putting the mesh on a plastic window, you need to check the strength of the handles, because if they are poorly fixed, you can accidentally drop the frame, which will inevitably lead to deformation. In most cases, installation takes place on the window from the outside, for which Z-shaped fasteners are used, sliding onto a rubber seal along the contour of the opening.

What is a plunger mount for a mosquito net: application features

The use of plastic or metal brackets when installing window screens is not always possible. This can be hindered by the features of the window design, incorrect measurements and errors in the installation of the window unit. It is also very difficult to install mosquito nets on wooden windows or metal-plastic products if there is a metal grill outside. It is with such difficulties that a plunger mount is used for mounting the product, which allows the mosquito to be fixed to any window opening.

Spring-loaded plunger fasteners
Spring-loaded plunger fasteners are used for concealed fixation of the frame mosquito net

By design, the plunger mesh is practically no different from the usual frame mesh. There is also an aluminum profile, a mosquito blanket, plastic corners and frame seals. The only thing that distinguishes plunger mosquito nets is the presence of an attachment, which is a spring-loaded piston, the length of which significantly exceeds its diameter. To install such fasteners, through holes are made in the mesh body.

In the unstressed state, the spring protrudes 2 cm beyond the frame, which creates the most reliable fixation of the mesh in the window opening. In contrast to the plastic one, the plunger for the mosquito net is more reliable, although installation and dismantling does not cause any particular difficulties. Plungers hold the mesh well in the opening and prevent it from falling in strong gusty winds, which plastic hooks are rarely able to resist.

Another important advantage of this type of mosquito is the ability to install it on any window, be it an old wooden, aluminum or metal-plastic product. In this case, an important nuance must be taken into account: the fastening is not performed with an overlap, as is the case with a conventional frame structure, but directly into the window opening. Therefore, before installing the mesh on the window, you will need to make small holes in the frame with a drill and insert a special metal sleeve inside.

During installation, you must carefully monitor that the plungers and the reciprocal frames are in the same plane. When lowering, the plunger handles protrude from the mesh and enter the grooves previously made in the frame, due to which the mesh is fixed in the window. To avoid a joint between the frame and the mesh, a brush seal is additionally attached to cover the frame of the mosquito net. As a rule, a complete set of mosquito net mounts includes all the elements necessary for a correct installation.

Roller nets for plastic windows

Despite the fact that roller shutters or roll-up nets for windows from mosquitoes appeared not so long ago, they almost immediately gained popularity among users. The product is a canvas wrapped in a roll hidden in a special box. In appearance and method of operation, it resembles roller shutters, especially since it is installed according to the same principle – at the top of the window. When ventilating the room, you need to pull the string, then using the located system of latches, the mosquito will be fixed on the frame.

To prevent unnecessary gaps from forming between the frame and the canvas, a special seal is placed on the sides of the frame. In terms of manufacturing, the procedure is very similar to the process of creating a frame structure.

It is interesting! The main feature of mosquito nets rollers is that they do not need to be dismantled. If there is no need to use the product, it is simply rolled up using a special lifting mechanism.

Before choosing this option for attaching a mosquito net to a plastic window, you need to know that the structure tolerates temperature extremes well, but in a strong wind, if the canvas is not rolled up in time, it can lose its shape. In order to return the canvas to its previous shape, a special brush is used, which is usually sold with a net. Ease of use is considered an indisputable advantage, because even a child can handle the installation of such a mesh on a double-glazed window. To store the canvas, you do not need to allocate a special place, because it is easily hidden in a container.

Installing a mosquito net
Installing a mosquito net on a roller shutter window requires a lot of effort, a special tool, and the ability to independently assemble the product

Despite the large number of advantages, before purchasing a mosquito net with internal fastening, you should also familiarize yourself with the design flaws, among which stand out:

  • a complex installation system that can quickly become unusable;
  • higher cost compared to other options;
  • short service life – 3-4 years;
  • quick failure with constant lowering / raising of the web;
  • expensive repairs.

Roller or sliding mosquito nets on windows are in most cases installed on balconies with a large glazing area. In order to open / close the window, the structure simply slides to the side using the pre-installed aluminum rails that are located at the top of the frame. In the lower part there are roller wheels. As in all other cases, to ensure that there are no gaps, a seal is used, fixed around the perimeter of the frame.

The main disadvantage of this method of attaching a mosquito net is that it cannot be used for every window or balcony. In fact, the design has similar features to the work of a wardrobe. Before installing the mosquito net on the balcony, you should not first carry out glazing work, because after that it will be difficult to fix the guides correctly. It is better to carry out glazing and installation of holders for a plastic window at the same time, this is how it will turn out to be done as conveniently as possible. If the glazing area is significant, it is recommended to opt for a pleated mesh.

Advantages of pleated mesh on a plastic window from mosquitoes: what type of opening is used

When it comes to a large open space that serves as a gate for the entry of insects, the best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to order a pleated mesh for plastic windows. In addition to the fact that the product is installed on large windows or a balcony, it is also used in the arrangement of country cottages to protect such premises as:

  • veranda;
  • alcove;
  • terrace;
  • loggia.

It is interesting! Due to the fact that the pleated mesh fabric is easy to fold and unfold, in some cases it is even used to cover outdoor swimming pools for children and adults.

Pleated mosquito nets - a novelty
Pleated mosquito nets – a novelty in the domestic market of window accessories

This type of mosquito opens and closes with one movement of the hand, and the canvases can be fixed both vertically and horizontally. High-quality fastening of mosquito nets ensures reliable operation of the structure and simple operation. Pleated mesh advantages:

  • a large selection of colors of the aluminum profile;
  • the ability to select the desired shade of the mesh for any design;
  • versatility of the design, you can install a mosquito net on windows made of both plastic and wood;
  • a large selection of sizes, thanks to which the product can be fixed to a balcony or a roof window;
  • reliability, long-term operation and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions;
  • simple care that can be carried out using a conventional vacuum cleaner or damp cloth;
  • no need to remove canvases in the cold season and look for storage space;
  • the ability to freely use the windows.

After inserting the mesh into the plastic window, it will be possible to save space inside the room, because to open the curtain, it is simply moved to the side. If you install the structure in a balcony door, then to exit the room, you just need to move the mesh to the side and walk through, after which the canvas is closed. In this case, single-leaf models move to one side, and double-leaf models open in the center. Thanks to the sliding principle, it turns out not only to quickly fold or open the mesh, but also to keep the opening half-open. When open, the mesh folds into a kind of accordion.

Pleated mosquito net
Pleated mosquito net is a convenient sliding structure that protects the room from insects

Canvases are made of fiberglass or polyester fabric, while any sizes are available for ordering for non-standard, wide windows or irregularly shaped openings. The unusual design allows you to harmoniously fit the canvas into the surrounding interior and not violate the conceived design. A profile that can imitate the surface of a tree or match the tone of curtains or walls allows you to harmoniously mount mosquito nets from the inside to a window made of any material. If you carefully use the canvas and take care of it in a timely manner, then the period of application is practically unlimited. When the integrity of the canvas is violated, it is easy to replace it with a new one.

Type of fastening mosquito nets on hinges and magnets: what is the convenience

Another popular way of attaching mosquito nets to plastic windows is the hinged option. In addition to being installed on a window opening, it is often used to decorate a balcony or entrance door. The main convenience is that the mesh of this design works like a regular door, and a tight fit is guaranteed thanks to the presence of the ribbon magnets. This method has gained popularity due to the ease of use, because it turns out to easily clear the opening and ensure the penetration of a large amount of light and air.

Important! Before attaching the mosquito net, it must be borne in mind that to open it in front of the opening, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of free space, otherwise it will not be possible to conveniently use the mechanism.

The magnetic mesh is inserted into the window, usually along the perimeter, using Velcro. Fastening in the doorway takes place in the same way. The structure consists of two canvases, which are connected to each other using magnets. This allows you to calmly pass through them, because the magnets are easily disconnected, and then they are independently attracted. The main advantage is the ability to choose a print that perfectly matches the interior. Other positive aspects of using magnet meshes:

  1. Easy care. Removing the mesh from the window, as well as from the door, turns out quickly, this makes it possible to wash the canvas more often.
  2. Affordable cost due to the lack of a frame and other expensive accessories.
  3. No restrictions on the place of installation. Ease of manufacture allows you to order a product for an opening of any size.

The main disadvantage of magnetic products is considered to be a short service life, because they put a mosquito net on the door for a maximum of 1-2 years, which depends on the frequency of use. On the window, the canvas can last no longer than 3-4 years.

What screens are installed on windows, depending on the type of canvas

If you put a mosquito net on a plastic window, then, in addition to its main purpose – protection from insects, depending on the type of canvas, it will be possible to solve some other problems.

Everyone knows that windows are not only an opening through which insects and other objects from the environment enter the apartment, but also a place associated with a certain risk. Very often you can find information that pets or children squeeze the mesh out and fall out of the windows. It was to solve this problem that a more durable anti-cat net was developed, capable of supporting the weight of a pet who decided to jump onto a window covered by a mosquito.

Important! You should not think that after you put the anti-cat net on the window, you can safely leave the children near the open window. If the canvas can withstand the weight of the child, then it is not able to resist pressure for a long period. Moreover, the weight of children significantly exceeds the weight of even the heaviest pet.

For the manufacture of such a covering, a vinyl thread is used, covered with a large layer of polyester, which prevents scratches or snags on the canvas. Many manufacturers focus on the fact that the durability of the “anti-cat” is 7 times higher than that of a conventional mosquito net, while providing even greater protection from insects.

If a person is faced with seasonal allergies, then there is no better option, except how to put a mosquito net “anti-pollen” or “anti-dust”. When creating this type of canvas, nylon is used, and the mesh size is much smaller than that of other options. In this case, it is 1 × 0.25 mm (on standard canvases – 1 × 1 mm). Thanks to such a small cell, pollen and dust particles are retained on the mesh, so most of the allergens do not enter the room. As a result of such high-quality air filtration, it will be necessary to remove dust from the canvas much more often, otherwise, due to an excess of harmful particles, sufficient purification will not occur.

Fiberglass belongs to the classic version of the polymer fiberglass mesh. Here there is a standard cell size – 1 mm, which is found on canvases more often than others. The product is considered durable and durable, able to withstand high humidity, temperature extremes, exposure to sunlight and gusty winds. A special feature is the fact that after correctly installing the mosquito net, thanks to the gray color, the “fiberglass” remains almost invisible in the window opening.

Another advantage is that there is no obstacle to the penetration of sunlight, but at the same time there is good air filtration from dust, debris and insects.

Other types of cloths for making mosquito nets

If the grids are installed in a room that already suffers from a lack of light, it is recommended to pay attention to such a version of the canvas as “ultra”. It is these mosquitoes that are distinguished by maximum light transmittance while maintaining the main protective characteristics. The main advantage of the nets is the almost complete transparency of the product, which makes them not only unobtrusive on the window, but also completely does not interfere with the passage of the solar stream into the room.

The "ultra" net is considered
The “ultra” net is considered a reliable protector not only from insects, but also from cigarette butts thrown out by neighbors

Due to the fact that non-combustible materials are used in the manufacture, the canvases are characterized by increased resistance to high ambient temperatures. The “ultra” net is considered a reliable protector not only from insects, but also from cigarette butts thrown out by neighbors. Due to their low flammability, they are especially recommended for installation in apartments where the owners are absent for a long time.

Universal sun-protection mosquito nets can be distinguished into a separate group. From the name it is clear that the canvas will protect not only from mosquitoes, but also from excess sunlight. This is especially true during the hot season in apartments with windows facing the sunny side. Thus, it will be possible to reduce the effect of harmful ultraviolet radiation on the visual organs and increase the comfort of staying in the room.

The ability to reflect well the light of the canvas was obtained thanks to a thin aluminum coating applied to the outside of the mesh. In addition, they are highly durable.

Helpful advice! When choosing a canvas, it is recommended to pay attention to the presence of extraneous odors emanating from the material. If the aroma is too harsh or resembles the smell of burnt plastic, it is better to refrain from buying.

Before purchasing a mesh, it is important to consider the size of the cell. The parameters, depending on the purpose of the canvas, vary from 0.5 to 1.2 mm. You need to understand that the smaller the cell, the better the mesh will protect not only from dust and living creatures, but also the penetration of light and air. Cloths with holes up to 0.6 mm are recommended to be installed in rooms located near busy roads, reservoirs, fields. Particularly relevant is the installation of a fine mesh in a swampy area rich in small midges, which can easily overcome the 1 mm barrier.

If, after putting the nets on the plastic windows, insects still do not stop flying in, then to maintain the consumer qualities of the canvas, it is recommended to apply a special mosquito spray on it.

How to correctly measure a mosquito net before ordering or making it yourself

Many, before putting the nets on the windows, prefer to take measurements on their own, because, by and large, the process does not require any specific skills or tools. All you need is a tape measure and a pencil. Some manufacturers charge an additional fee for this work, because the visit of the master will be required. In order for the mesh to fit perfectly into place, measurements should be carried out carefully, it is better to measure the length and width several times.

Helpful advice! Even if it seems that neighboring windows are of the same size, it is still better to take measurements from each opening separately, because mistakes could be made in the manufacture of windows, which caused different sizes of openings.

Before taking a measurement, you need to open the window wide and take the following measurements:

  • the distance from one seal to another in the horizontal plane;
  • vertical gap from elastic to elastic.

Some experts also recommend measuring in the middle of the window because not all windows are a perfect rectangle. It is important to take into account indicators up to a millimeter: the more accurately the measurement is made, the more tightly the mesh will adhere to the opening, without forming any gaps. This is what will subsequently affect the protective functions of the product. It is recommended to take into account the measurements at the largest value, because in this case it is less likely that gaps will appear between the mesh and the frame.

How to assemble a mosquito net on plastic windows with your own hands

Assembling a frame-type mosquito net on windows with your own hands is a simple task. Self-picking has its advantages. For example, you can choose a high-quality protective material yourself, buy a reliable profile and a canvas of the required type. In general, for work, you will need such elements that, in full set, can be purchased at a point of sale that sells mosquito nets:

  • profile for making mesh;
  • corners for combining individual profiles into a frame;
  • fittings.

If you learn how to independently assemble the grid frame, then over time it will turn out to be easy to repair products with your own hands. A frame made of plastic is not considered a reliable structure, so it has to be repaired quite often, and if you already have the skill of assembling, then repairing the mesh can be done quickly and easily. When self-manufacturing, measurements are taken in the above way, but 4 mm will need to be subtracted from the values ​​obtained. It is this distance that will be required to secure the corners for the mosquito net, which are used to connect the parts of the frame.

To facilitate the assembly process, the z-shaped fasteners can be glued to the window profile with double-sided tape

In the event that the frame is large and its height exceeds 1 m, it can bend and deform under the influence of the wind. To prevent this, in the middle of the structure, it is recommended to additionally install a plastic spacer, which is called an impost. For installation, you will need to purchase special corners, which are purchased together with an impost, the length of which should be determined in advance.

After installing the impost, you can proceed to fixing the handles, which are most often made of thin plastic and pressed into the groove of the mesh with a black sealing cord. A more reliable option is considered to be handles made of metal. They are attached to the mesh frame with self-tapping screws after the mesh is installed. It is not recommended to choose fittings made of too thin plastic, because it breaks off easily, especially with a large frame.

Direct assembly of the frame structure

Before assembling the mosquito net, you need to make sure you have a hammer. It is better to use a rubber version for these purposes so as not to damage the plastic profile. When assembling the structure, 2 long and 2 short segments are knocked together, which are connected by corners that are tightly inserted into the main profile. It will not work to fix them only with the help of the strength of the hands. It is more convenient to perform this action with a hammer, but do not knock too hard on the frame.

Helpful advice! In order not to damage the frame during the assembly process, before hammering in the corners, it is better to pre-lay wooden blocks on the profile. A correctly selected corner should not enter without effort. If the corner entered easily, this means that the part was selected incorrectly, so the structure will quickly disintegrate.

If you buy a profile that is too long, you can simply cut it to the required length using a metal hacksaw. Thus, it will turn out to make an even cut, but still after that it is better to process the surface with a file to avoid splinters or irregularities. After assembly, each corner needs to be checked to ensure that all parts are connected perpendicularly. If there are gaps, then in the future they can become a place for small midges to enter the house.

How to put a mesh on a plastic window and choose a canvas

When doing mosquito nets on sliding windows with your own hands, you will need to choose a canvas with a cell with a diameter of 0.5 to 1.2 mm. You should not purchase larger options, because they will not be able to trap small insects, but you should not install the finest mesh either, since it makes it difficult for air to pass through. In the manufacture of canvases, various options for both natural and synthetic materials are used:

  1. Cotton. Thanks to the filaments with a pile, the canvases effectively trap insects and are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. The main disadvantage of cotton is its short service life, because when it gets wet, the material quickly deteriorates.
  2. Polyester and nylon fiber. Synthetics, which are characterized by both advantages and disadvantages. In the manufacture of nets, these materials are used most often, because they differ in the optimal ratio of price and quality.
  3. Steel. It is characterized by high strength, but due to its tendency to corrosion, it is not used very often. If you apply a zinc protective coating to the mesh, this will significantly raise the price of the product, and without protection, it will quickly begin to rust.
  4. Nylon. The fine weave allows the mesh to hold dust, pollen and other allergy-causing substances well.

When buying a cloth for a mosquito net, it should be borne in mind that in size it should exceed the frame parameters by 3-5 cm in each dimension. After a piece of the required size is cut, it is placed on the assembled frame, covered with a special cord and stretched. For tight tension, the cord is pressed into the grooves of the frame.

To stretch the mesh well, a special roller is used, although some craftsmen have adapted to use a knife, pen, screwdriver or scissors for this purpose. The main thing is to work carefully with the selected tool so as not to damage the blade. It is important that the cord fits snugly and that no wrinkles or other irregularities form on the mesh.

It is interesting! The protective properties of the product will be the better, the tighter the mesh is pulled over the frame.

If during the installation process the mesh is light and uneven, the cord can be pulled out by prying it with a screwdriver or other convenient object, after which the process is repeated with greater accuracy. After completing the tension, you need to check the width and height of the frame and, if there is a deviation, tighten it more or, conversely, slightly loosen the tension. If a significant deformation is found, it is better to repeat the collection again, because it is easier to disassemble the mosquito net at the very beginning, as long as there is a mood for work. Sloppy installation of the mesh is unlikely to look aesthetically pleasing.

What used mount for mosquito nets

Z-shaped mounts for mosquito nets are most often supplied complete with finished products. There are usually 4 small brackets in the kit, which vary in size:

  • 2 x 3.5 cm – used for mounting in the upper part of the frame;
  • 2 x 2.5 cm – installed at the bottom.

To fix the mosquito net bracket, you will need to use 2 self-tapping screws with screws. To do this, you should prepare a slate pencil and a drill with a small drill with a diameter of 2 mm, and a small screwdriver or screwdriver will also come in handy.

Fastening the frame mesh to the window using z-bars is the most popular method.

From the outside of the window frame, you need to draw a strip 3 cm below the edge of the opening. Then you need to stand on a chair and attach the product to the opening in order to make a mark on it that will match the frame. It is not necessary to apply a mesh for this, you can limit yourself to measurements, but using this method, you will be able to accurately align 2 planes.

Then you need to take the long-walled mosquito net holder and install it on the frame so that the protrusion is in line, then mark the points where the holes are then drilled. You should not retreat more than 10 cm from the edge. Small fasteners are screwed in this way, observing the indents. After marking, you can take a drill, make holes and fix the brackets. Then the frame design of the mosquito is brought out sideways to the side of the street, lifted up to the stop and over the edge is wound up behind the brackets installed at the bottom, after which the frame is lowered. In order to remove the product, the steps are carried out in the reverse order.

Z-pieces are attached one at each side of the frame

Another popular type of fastening a mosquito net to plastic windows is considered to be corners, the installation process of which is similar to the mechanism of the previous fastener. When installing this type of clips, carefully measure the width of the frame. It is necessary that the inside of the corner corresponds to the thickness of the mosquito net. The maximum gap should not exceed 2-3 mm in order to easily insert the structure.

Such a fastener for a mosquito net is mounted clearly in the corners at a distance that is equal to the width of the net. In height, a gap of 15-18 mm should be left in order to be able to install the frame in the mountings. The product is able to hold firmly due to the fact that the upper shelves are larger than the lower ones. A selection of videos “Do-it-yourself fastening of mosquito nets on plastic windows” will help you quickly figure out the process and correctly install the protection on the windows.

The easiest way to make a self-made mosquito net with Velcro

To make frame mosquito nets yourself, you need to purchase a profile and use a variety of tools that are not always available in the house. The simplest and less troublesome product is considered to be a mosquito net on adhesive tape, which will reliably protect the premises for several seasons. For self-production, you will need the following materials:

  • a mesh of a mosquito net with cells of the preferred size;
  • sticky tape with small hooks on one side and fleecy fabric on the other;
  • adhesive mixture for mounting the tape on the window.

First, you need to prepare the surface for work, because the mosquito net should be installed on a clean window frame. To do this, open the window and wipe all contaminated surfaces with a damp cloth. The place where the Velcro will be glued must additionally be degreased.

Important! If the installation is carried out in the plane of a plastic window, then it is not recommended to use anything other than soapy water to clean the surfaces. It is categorically impossible to use solvents and alcohol compounds on both plastic and wooden windows.

After surface preparation, the adhesive tape is peeled off. The part with hooks is installed along the perimeter of the window opening using glue, which is applied to the back of the Velcro. In this case, it is important to ensure that the attached tape does not interfere with the free opening and closing of the window. If joining occurs in the area between the base of the window and the side where it is closed, this can lead to loosening of the window fixings.

When installing the mesh, some do the opposite: first, they apply glue around the perimeter of the frame, and then apply and cut the tape in the required place along the width and length. Thus, it is not necessary to pre-measure the tape.

The simplest product is considered to be a mosquito net on adhesive tape.

The Velcro will take some time to dry, therefore, in order not to slow down the process, you should mark the mosquito net. For this, the perimeter of the opening from Velcro to Velcro is measured, and the obtained data is transferred to the canvas. Before cutting out a segment of the desired parameters, it is recommended to leave a small margin necessary for sewing on the pile part of the tape.

Along the perimeter, the second side of the Velcro is sewn onto the left allowance, always with the pile out. At the same time, it is recommended to sew a seam along the edge, but additional stitches are made in the middle as necessary. If more than three hours have passed after applying the tape to the frame, you can safely proceed to gluing the main part of the mesh, which will take no more than 3-5 minutes. After that, the do it yourself fastening of the mosquito net to the plastic window is considered complete.

How to choose the right mosquito for the window and take care of the product

Before buying a mesh, it is important to choose the exact location for its installation: a window, a door, a balcony opening or a loggia. You also need to decide in advance on the installation method and take the correct measurements. When choosing the type of fastener, one should be guided by how often it is required to completely free the opening from the canvas. If for the winter the mesh will be dismantled, for its storage it is necessary to allocate a room in which the temperature will not drop to negative.

Proper care of the product can significantly extend the service life and maintain an attractive appearance of the canvas for a long time. Basic rules for using a mosquito net:

  1. Products requiring dismantling for the cold period of the year should be hidden when the average daily temperature is 10 ° C. At this temperature, insects are no longer active.
  2. Even if a strong mesh is installed in the window opening, you cannot lean on it with all your weight. The main thing is to teach children not to put pressure on the canvas, regardless of the material of manufacture.
  3. The mesh should be removed at least twice a year and cleaned of dust and dirt. You can use a simple soapy solution for this.
  4. Do not wash the mesh under high water pressure or use hard brushes when cleaning.
  5. To dry, you just need to leave the canvas in an upright position. There is no need to speed up the drying process with a hair dryer or fan heater.
  6. During storage, do not allow heavy objects to press on the canvas; it is better if the net is stored in an upright position. In this case, it will be possible to avoid deformations and integrity violations.

Installing a mosquito net is undoubtedly an important task that will protect the apartment from dangerous insects in the warm season. In order for the product to bring only benefit, and the operation did not cause difficulties, the purchase must be approached deliberately, with an eye to the specifics of the installation site. You should not save on materials when buying, because a good mesh can last even 10 years, and a low-quality product will become unusable after one season of use.


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