Moving Electric Meter Cost

Moving Electric Meter Cost

The reasons for moving or replacing the electric meter can be different. Often, when entering a new apartment, residents find that the old counter in the hallway does not allow new furniture to be installed. A decision is made to transfer the electric meter to another wall within the hallway or to take it to the vestibule or entrance.

In apartment buildings, there can be two types of installation of electricity meters – in the apartment and on the staircase. Residents of dysfunctional houses with non-closing entrances often decide to move the electric meter to the apartment from the staircase in order to protect themselves from theft of input machines and the devices themselves. Both the machines and the counter itself are carried.

An important, not requiring a delay in the decision, the reason may be a breakdown of the electric meter. The device is sent for examination. An energy-saving organization can replace and reinstall a faulty meter. If the tenants decide to replace the old model with a more modern one, they, on their own initiative, can call an electrician who will help in choosing a high-quality device and install it in accordance with existing rules.

Electric meter

Electronic metering devices have an attractive appearance, compact size. They have a lower error class (up to 1%). Such meters allow you to switch to a multi-level tariff, which is economically beneficial. Electronic devices come with a liquid crystal display or with the usual digital drum.

The electrical panel can be a plastic box with a plexiglass door. The meter itself and the circuit breakers are installed in it. The construction of a metal shield is less convenient. Such a box loses to the plastic one in the convenience of installing the meter in it and its further maintenance. According to the method of installation, the shield can be external (hinged) and internal (built into the wall).

Electric meter transfer options.

Electrical panels found in old houses, in addition to a counter with plugs, may also have a switch, an outlet, a bulb holder, and an electric bell. If the electric meter is transferred in the apartment, it is visited in the box, and all the listed devices, at the request of the customer, are installed in the place indicated by him.

Such delicate work can only be done by a professional.

The transfer can be done in two ways:

  • move the circuit breakers to the apartment, and leave the meter in place;
  • or move the machines along with the counter.

The advantages of transferring an electric meter to an apartment also lie in the fact that access to it and the automatic machines of unauthorized persons who accidentally or deliberately can turn off the electricity in your room is limited. If the tenant, after transferring the meter to the apartment, later wishes to completely replace the electrical wiring, he will not have to lead the wires to the staircase for this.

Moving Electric Meter Cost

Moving Electric Meter Cost

If there is a need to carry out the transfer of the electric meter and its subsequent connection, then the first step will be to attract a competent specialist. The reasons for carrying out the transfer can vary. Often, when entering a new place of residence, property owners find that the old electric meter interferes with the installation of new furniture. In this case, it becomes necessary to transfer the meter to another wall of the hallway or take it out to the vestibule.

In apartment buildings, there are two most common types of installation of meters – on the staircase or in the apartment. Residents of dysfunctional houses in which the front door does not close reliably often decide to move the electricity meter to the apartment in order to protect themselves from equipment theft.

Failure of the meter is also an important and urgent reason. In this case, the device is subject to examination, and the replacement is carried out by an energy-saving company.

In many houses, old induction appliances, which were produced in the 50-80s of the last century, are still responsible for the function of calculating electricity costs. Today they have been replaced by modern electronic models.

Before transferring the electricity meter, you need to:

  • Call the representatives of the energy supply company.
  • Obtain permission to dismantle the meter.
  • Unseal and disconnect the old meter.

After completing these manipulations, the specialist will start installing a new device or will start moving the equipment.

To transfer the counter, the wizard:

  • Dismantle the old metering point.
  • Route the power cable and place it in a fireproof hose on the wall.
  • Install the switch box at the desired height.
  • Will carry out the installation of a residual current device.

It is customary to place the registration points in special anti-vandal cabinets with a door that can be locked. For ease of taking readings, a special transparent window is placed in the door. This arrangement allows for maximum protection of the equipment.

The cost of a new device and a protective switch cabinet should be agreed with a specialist in advance.

Costs of moving meters Cost + VAT
(Range low – high)
Average cost
Cost of moving an electric meter £75 – £1,000 £537.50

*Our costs are ballpark averages.

Features of the transfer of electricity meters in suburban households

When it is required to carry out the transfer of an accounting device in a private house, in most cases we are talking about the installation of equipment on the wall of a building or on a pole outside the site. The latter option allows the inspector to take readings without the participation of the site owner.

If it is intended to transfer an appliance that is inside the household, permission will also be required to turn off the old meter. Such a permit can be issued by the RES.

If you plan to install an accounting device on a pole, then you should agree with the master about arranging a small canopy that can protect the electrical installation from moisture. It is also worth making sure that the drawer door closes securely.

In order to carry out the transfer or installation of new intermediate electricity meters in farm buildings or garages, it is not required to obtain a permit. This type of work can be done independently.

After the transfer is completed, the specialist will check and after all the installation work has been completed, the representative of the energy company will be able to seal the point.

In order to carry out the transfer of the electric meter, you need to purchase the meter itself, a power cable, a distribution board, and other consumables. You can also entrust this task to a master. Answering the question: How much does the transfer of an electric meter cost? the answer is definitely not going to work. On average, private craftsmen take £75 – £1,000 for such work.


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