Moving Gas Meter Cost

Moving Gas Meter Cost

Most often, the issue of moving the gas meter arises during repairs in the kitchen. Redevelopment, purchase of a new kitchen unit, even a simple replacement of a refrigerator or stove – all this can be a reason for transferring a meter. The reasons for moving or replacing the energy meter can be different. Often, when entering a new apartment, residents find that the old counter in the hallway does not allow new furniture to be installed. A decision is made to transfer the electric meter to another wall within the hallway or to take it to the vestibule or entrance.

In rare cases, a gas and electric service employee may require the flow meter to be moved if it detects violations of the placement rules.

Where can the gas meter be moved?

It is quite simple to choose a place for transferring a meter in an apartment, the main thing is not to forget about its availability for maintenance and compliance with safety requirements.

Gas workers have the right to demand compliance with the following standards:

  • the minimum distance from the meter to the batteries is 1 meter;
  • the meter should be installed at a height of 50 to 160 cm from the floor;
  • the minimum distance from the stove to the flow meter is 40 cm, from the wall – 4-5 cm;
  • the device must not be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture, and the housing must not be exposed to high temperatures.

If you decide to take the meter outside or another building, then the following requirements must be met:

  • the meter must be installed under a canopy or in a special cabinet, which must be ventilated;
  • the gas meter cannot be installed in the outer openings of the walls of the house – in the event of a leak, gas will accumulate there;
  • the minimum distance from the device to windows and doors is 50 cm;
  • installation is allowed if the temperature does not rise above 60 degrees and falls below 20;
  • the meter must be equipped with a thermocorrector.

Before choosing a place, it is advisable to consult with professionals.

How to Prepare?

Any work related to changing gas networks must be agreed upon with the gas supplier. Find the address and phone numbers of the service organization (usually they are indicated on the gas receipt). There they will answer your questions: how to fill out the application correctly and which department to give it to.

Separately, we note that if changes are made to the gas supply plan, then they must be approved by the engineers of the gas service. This process is quite long and can take several months.

In some cases, they will immediately calculate the estimate for the work and ask you to pay in advance. In this case, you will need to attach receipts or other documents confirming the fact of payment. Be sure to make a photocopy of all documents for yourself.

Stages of work

At the appointed time, employees of the gas service will arrive, cut off the gas with the consent of the utilities, having previously notified all residents.

Then the gas meter is removed, the pipes are transferred according to the scheme and the meter is installed back. After work, the tightness of all connections is checked and the fact that there is no leakage is recorded. If a leak has been detected, then the seams are welded again.

Then an act of completed work is drawn up, which is signed by each party. If the work was not paid in advance, then the customer is given another receipt, which will need to be paid.

All professional work usually takes from 30 minutes to several hours.

Installing a new device when carrying

Work on transferring the flow meter can be combined with replacing the device with a new one. This is beneficial when:

  • approaching the end of the service life of the old meter ;
  • the desire to install a modern device with remote data transmission;
  • absence of documents confirming the positive outcome of the last verification.

Handing over an old device for verification, you will have to spend time waiting for the provision of the service and the funds to pay for it.

If the equipment is found to be unusable, the costs will increase: it will be necessary to purchase a new meter. Therefore, in some cases, when transferring, it is more profitable to plan the installation of a new device.

Gas meter transfer cost

The cost of work on the transfer of the counter consists of various factors. First, the prices of the gas service. Secondly, the complexity of installation, which is paid separately. Thirdly, consumables and components: additional pipes, hoses, couplings, a new meter.

Be sure to ask for a preliminary estimate of the entire estimate to avoid “unpleasant surprises.”

Costs of moving meters Cost + VAT
(Range low – high)
Average cost
Cost to move a gas meter- materials £400 – £1,000 £700
Cost to move a gas meter – labour £150 – £250 per day £200 per day

*Our costs are ballpark averages.

Security measures

IMPORTANT! Do not try to move the gas meter yourself, it is strictly prohibited! Only employees of specialized organizations can perform gas works. Violators face severe fines.

After work, carefully monitor the operation of the meter. You can even check for gas leaks yourself, for example with a soapy solution. If you have any suspicions of a leak, then immediately call the emergency gas service.


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