Museum in The Form of a Giant Wave: What it Looks Like Inside and Out

Museum in The Form of a Giant Wave: What it Looks Like Inside and Out

Shanghai studio Lacime Architect has completed the Wave Gallery on the coast of Tianjin, China.The building area is 3,563 sq. m. The project was carried out for Shimao, it is planned to create a cultural center for the Binhai New District.

As conceived by the architects, the shape of the building repeats a giant wave breaking on the shore, and the facing resembles ripples on the water. Thus, the creators entered the building into the surrounding landscape: the gallery is located on the shores of Bohaival Bay.


he cladding of the building is made of 13,000 aluminum panels. Thanks to their clever placement, they reflect light differently during the day, which mimics the movement of water. Also, glare of light is reflected on the slabs from the artificial reservoir that surrounds the building.

The design of the museum has an unusual Y-shape. To create it, the architects laid a concrete base in the center, and then surrounded it with a frame of steel cables. For development, parametric design technologies were used.

Through the main entrance, visitors enter the central part of the building, which houses a dark lobby. Light enters it through a round hole from above. Lifts and stairs are hidden behind stainless steel partitions.

The second floor houses the main premises of the museum, a large conference room, outdoor terraces, a library and a bar. The interior of the third floor surprises with its luxury: decorated with fabric ceilings, glossy polished floors, stylish furniture. The premises are decorated with sculptures that imitate different conditions of water. Panoramic windows offer beautiful views of the bay and the city.

Near the gallery, Lacime Architects has created outdoor areas: recreation areas, a children’s play area and an open-air theater. Also, within the framework of the project, a pavilion was built, which is located right on the water. A path leads to it from the museum.


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