New Modulating Thermostat from Netatmo for OpenTherm

New Modulating Thermostat from Netatmo for OpenTherm

Netatmo has announced a new smart simulation thermostat for the smart home. What is special about it? In a nutshell, the new product uses OpenTherm technology, according to the company

regulate the temperature of the water in the heating circuits for precise control of the temperature in the house.

OpenTherm is a language in which compatible thermostats and heating systems can communicate with each other, allowing thermostats to control heating and hot water systems. Thus, the temperature of the water for plumbing and the heating system can be selected independently of each other, which guarantees the best efficiency of the system as a whole.

The Auto-Adapt function and OpenTherm technology allow precise control of heating based on the outside temperature and the degree of thermal insulation in your home.

Fred Potter, founder of Netatmo and CTO of Legrand’s Eliot program, explains:


We have created a smart thermostat to provide greater comfort for users with an OpenTherm boiler and to reduce waste. From now on, our customers can buy a smart thermostat or a smart modulating thermostat, depending on their system, and control their heating remotely, thereby reducing energy consumption in their home.

The new thermostat also allows you to control the heating in your home remotely via your smartphone or tablet. With the Legrand Home Control app, the user can adjust the temperature in his home, wherever he is.

Raising the temperature if children return from school, or turning on the heating before returning from vacation – all this can be done remotely.

Besides remote control, you can manually adjust the heating directly from the device without opening the app.

Thanks to OpenTherm technology, the water inside the heating system never reaches too high temperatures, which allows the most efficient use of the modulating boiler and avoids energy losses.

For greater savings and maximum comfort, the virtual assistant in the Home Control app asks the user five questions to help him create a heating program that is perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of those who live in the house.

The heating is turned off as soon as family members leave for work, and turned on before they return, so that they come to a warm and comfortable home.

Away and Antifreeze modes guarantee optimal temperatures even when no one is home for several days. For those users whose boiler is engaged not only in heating, but also in hot water heating, separate temperature control is available for each circuit.

Moreover, even if you are leaving for a long time, you can turn off the heating of hot water, leaving the heating operation unchanged. And when you are at home, you can set the separate temperature for water in the taps and in the heating system, both from the thermostat itself, and from a smartphone or tablet.

The new smart Netatmo thermostat is compatible with most OpenTherm boilers, including storage ones, regardless of the type of fuel used: gas, fuel oil or wood.

It can also be installed to control dry contact boilers. In this case, it will work like a regular Smart Thermostat Netatmo, which turns on or off the boiler to reach the set temperature, but does not change the temperature of the water in the heating circuit.

Naturally, the new modular thermostat is Apple HomeKit compatible.


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