Norway Opens Central Library Overlooking the Fjord

Norway Opens Central Library Overlooking the Fjord

The Oslo library, according to the architects, was created primarily as a place for meetings and communication.

In Norway, the central library Deichman Bjørvika was opened in Oslo, a project of which was created by the architectural firms Atelier Oslo and Lundhagem. It is located next to the opera house on the city’s waterfront. The library is named after Karl Deutschman, a famous Norwegian businessman, philanthropist and collector.

The building is designed to store 450,000 books. Shelving is placed around a large atrium that connects the floors and divides them into more compact spaces. The architects point out that their goal was to create a large, continuous space for the library, divided into many small pieces. They wanted to build a huge building in which every visitor could find a secluded place and relax.

in Norway central library 2

On the basement floor of the library there is a cinema and an auditorium for 200 people. The ground floor houses fiction and children’s books, as well as cafes and restaurants. On the second and third floors, there are shelves with other books, and there are also closed rooms with recording studios, game rooms and a mini-cinema.

Norway central library

At the last level there are reading rooms, social science literature and the Future Library art project.The two upper floors of the building are united by a single console, which allows you to admire the opening landscape and the Oslofjord. The project of the vertical library is conceived in such a way that the higher the floor, the more calm and creative atmosphere awaits visitors, the creators comment.


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