Plastic Entrance Doors: Advantages and Obvious Disadvantages

Plastic Entrance Doors: Advantages and Obvious Disadvantages

Plastic entrance doors for a private house, photos of which can now be found more and more often, have begun to be used for their current purpose relatively recently. In the days when they first appeared on sale, they were installed mainly in various shops, office buildings, and public buildings. Then such doors began to be used as balcony doors, and they were manufactured using the same technologies as plastic windows.

What are the advantages and obvious disadvantages of plastic entrance doors?

Today, metal-plastic entrance systems quite successfully occupy well-deserved positions in private residential housing construction as entrance, as well as interior structures. And this is done thanks to the indisputable advantages that are not deprived of the entrance plastic doors. Photos of such systems indicate that this is a completely adequate solution.

Modern doors made of metal-plastic have a large supply of positive qualities:

  • unusually high strength for plastic;
  • fairly low flammability;
  • the material of the doors is not at all affected by any acids, alkaline compounds, as well as lime;
Plastic entrance doors
Usually, a plastic entrance door has glass inserts, thanks to which natural sunlight penetrates deep into the room.
  • plastic door structures are absolutely unpretentious in periodic maintenance, even with rather long use;
  • complete environmental and sanitary safety;
  • a presentable appearance that remains unchanged even after exposure to high and low temperatures;
  • incomparable noise protection and excellent thermal insulation;
  • high resistance to various rough mechanical influences;
  • many different design possibilities;
  • the cost of products is quite affordable even in a budget cluster.

Most often, the owners use plastic doors as an entrance to a private house. In addition, they can be easily installed at the entrance to a home boiler room or garage.

Helpful advice! The PVC entrance door can be used at the entrance to the bath. Of course, not in the steam room itself, but in the recreation room. Thanks to its excellent thermal protection, it will retain heat well.

How are plastic entrance doors for a private house: photo and design essence

For the manufacture of a modern plastic entrance system, metal-plastic profiles are used, which have five separate air chambers and stiffeners. Profiles are either purely plastic or with the use of metal fittings. All parts of the door frame are connected to each other using special metal inserts to increase strength. Absolutely any shape is such a frame of a modern plastic entrance door for a private house. A photo of rectangular, arched, trapezoidal, rounded, and all kinds of doors can be easily found.

Plastic entrance doors
Imitation wood plastic

Special crossbars and power hinges, reliable locks, and door closers are installed on the entrance plastic structures. A multi-locking mechanism around the perimeter ensures a tight and secure fit of the door from all sides.

Design features of entrance plastic door, photos of individual elements

Any plastic door consists of the following structural elements:

  • door frame – an element that is essentially a frame made of a profile. It is usually reinforced with a steel frame, the corners of which are connected with special internal parts. They provide increased rigidity;
Plastic entrance doors
Double-leaf entrance plastic door
  • in fact, the door leaf, which is a profile frame, closed on both sides with galvanized steel sheets. Between them, there is a heat-insulating material, which also acts as sound insulation. Partially the door can be made of triplex or armored glass;
  • fittings – most of all crossbar locks are used, which provide good reliability of closing almost from all sides of the door leaf;
Plastic entrance doors
A door in a private house made of bright plastic
  • threshold, which can be of several types: being a structural part of the frame, made of steel or aluminum. In addition, it can be insulated or not.

The door leaf is often additionally reinforced with steel inserts, which are designed to block free access to locks and rebates.

Helpful advice! It is worthwhile to install massive doors with enhanced protection. You need to know that such doors sometimes weigh more than 100 kg, so the design of the walls themselves, where the block is inserted, should provide for this.

Plastic entrance doors
Practical plastic door

Filling the leaf of a plastic door: details

The surface of the entrance plastic door for a private house (the photo illustrates this perfectly) is of two different types: deaf and transparent. As already mentioned, the blind filling can be performed using thick steel sheets, but sandwich panels are still used for this purpose. They are made in three layers: polystyrene foam insulation is laid between two plastic or steel sheets.

Transparent glass door panels are usually combined. This means that its upper part is equipped with a double-glazed unit, similar to a window, and the lower part is made deaf. However, sometimes there are options purely from plastic or glass. As for the glass itself, it can be not only transparent, but also matte, corrugated, colored, and sometimes even stained glass. The door does not have to be white. Today, laminated canvases under a tree or other texture are more common. The color can also be completely different.

Plastic entrance doors
Bright orange plastic door

By design, the doors can be conventional single-leaf, double-leaf, or equipped with a transom. This design provides for fixing one-half of the door, often smaller. Metal-plastic doors are not only hinged but also sliding. Usually, only two types of locks are installed on plastic door structures: under the handle-arc and under the lever handle. It is safer to buy a door with a lock of the first type. Sometimes doors are equipped with door closers.

The decorative side of the question

Plastic doors perfectly provide quite reliable heat and sound insulation. At the same time, they are undoubtedly inferior in terms of safety to high-quality metal doors. In terms of aesthetics and design, plastic structures go well with brick, stone, or concrete walls. They will also look at siding facades.

Plastic entrance doors
Plastic door with lamination

Helpful advice! For wooden walls, the choice should be considered more carefully. Only a door imitating wood will be appropriate here. It is also necessary that it blends well with the facade in color and texture.

The undoubted advantage of plastic entrance doors for a private house (a photo confirms this) is the ability to create curvilinear structures. This allows arched doors to be used in combination with similar windows. Sometimes an arched view of the door can be given by a corresponding transom. Its configuration can be very different, and the glazing with stained glass will add additional originality and uniqueness.

Plastic entrance doors
Entrance metal-plastic door in the interior of the hallway

In our time, plastic has rapidly and not without success penetrated all spheres of human life. Today it is no longer possible to imagine the field of construction without the use of plastic products. The entrance doors were no exception. Thanks to the achievements of the construction industry, we can use them in country houses without much fear. One thing should be remembered – when buying a plastic door, great importance should be attached to its quality and the reputation of the manufacturer. After all, your safety depends on it.


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