Porch of a Wooden House

Porch of a Wooden House

With the help of modern developments in the field of construction, you can easily equip the porch of a wooden house. The photo gallery, presented by professional craftsmen, demonstrates the possibilities of various materials. To create a truly beautiful and original design, you can use a combination of metal elements with polycarbonate, brick with stone. But still, against the background of a house entirely made of wood, a wooden porch will look better.

Open and closed wooden porch

A covered porch usually has walls or small partitions that shield the porch space from the outside world. A roof is placed over such a structure so that it resembles a veranda . On such a porch, you can bring out lighting and provide places for relaxation in the summer heat. The main advantage of a covered structure is considered to be the protection of the front door and wall from bad weather.

An open porch is often used in the arrangement of country or country houses . It can be open or equipped with a small visor. It can be equipped with original columns. In this case, it will stand out favorably against the background of the whole house.

It is worth deciding in advance which (open or closed) the porch of a wooden house will be. A photo gallery of  all kinds of options will help you understand the intricacies in order to create a truly functional and comfortable design.

Wooden porch with and without steps

If the foundation of a wooden house is rather high, you will need to equip a porch with steps. They can be made of cement mortar, brick, stone or wood. However, when building steps, the following rules must be observed:

  1. If more than 3 steps are planned, then additional support structures or railings will be required to increase safety.
  2. A wide and sloping staircase is more comfortable. Therefore, the height of each element should not exceed 20 cm, and the width should be such that the leg of an adult person becomes (about 28 cm).
  3. On a porch with a rise, it is best to conduct lighting so that you do not accidentally stumble when climbing in the dark.
Wooden walkway
Wooden walkway

It is much easier to equip a porch without steps; such a design does not require additional costs. With or without a rise, the porch of a wooden house perfectly decorates the general view of the facade. A photo gallery of  design solutions demonstrates various ideas brought to life by professionals.

Some rules for decorating the porch

To maintain the overall style of the facade, it is recommended to attach a wooden porch to a wooden house . This method is considered less costly, since modern materials, although easy to use, are quite expensive. To create a wooden porch you will need:

  • timber 15×15;
  • board 15×2.5;
  • drill;
  • screws;
  • saw;
  • level;
  • covering material for the roof.
Cozy porch with wood trim
Cozy porch with wood trim

To create a high-quality and reliable porch, you will need to fill the foundation. If during the construction of the house it was not planned to arrange the porch and there is no monolithic foundation, then a pile structure can be used . In this case, the support will be an ordinary wooden bar treated with antiseptic compounds. You can coat the surface of the log with bitumen mastic or burn it with an open fire.

Porch with steps without a canopy
Porch with steps without a canopy

The beam is installed in the prepared pits and carefully tamped around the ground. For a more durable structure, prepared cement mortar can be poured into the pits. In the installed supports, cuts are made and logs are strengthened on them. After that, they begin to arrange the steps themselves.

Useful advice! For a more stable structure, it is recommended to fix the supports to the house with dowels or nails.

If you plan to build a visor or roof, you need to prepare a longer beam that will act as pillars. You will need 4 of them. The installed supports are tied from above along the perimeter with a board or a thinner beam, and only then a lathing is constructed for the future roof. Then the covering material is laid and fastened.

Useful advice! Be sure to observe the slope when creating the roof of the porch of a wooden house. The photo gallery showcases different slope levels to protect against snow and ice accumulation during freezing seasons.

When building a porch, you should adhere to some rules:

  1. The porch leading to the house should be spacious so that the open front door does not go beyond it. Residents leaving the house should not step directly onto the steps, as this often leads to injury, especially during winter.
  2. The standard height of the steps is about 20 cm, but you can make it easier to walk on them in winter by increasing them by another couple of centimeters. Low steps, when snow hits them, form a real slide.
  3. If the extension is designed separately, then it is not necessary to firmly connect it to the wall of the house. The wall and the porch have different degrees of shrinkage and a strong tandem can cause distortion of the structure.

Useful advice! The wooden parts of the porch require high-quality moisture protection. Therefore, it is recommended to treat wood with linseed oil, and then open it with paints and varnishes.

On the spacious porch, you can equip an additional seating area
On the spacious porch, you can equip an additional seating area

In order for the porch to serve for a long time, it is necessary to purchase high quality wood. A spruce or pine is suitable for arranging steps. These materials are great for outdoor structures, the porch will be durable and reliable.


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