Potentilla indica

Potentilla indica

Potentilla indica is directly related to the Rosaceae family, this plant deserves special attention. It comes from East Asia. It is grown as a cover plant and is used to decorate loggias, winter gardens, balconies, and terraces. It is also grown as an ampelous plant, and in hanging pots, it looks incredibly impressive. Also, this amazing climbing plant can decorate any home garden.

Bloom is observed from July to October. Yellow flowers look very impressive, then small red berries appear in their place, which outwardly is very similar to strawberries. It should be remembered that in no case should you eat these berries, so the plant should be kept away from small children.

Topdressing experts advise to carry out 1 time a week. For this, a complex mineral fertilizer is used. In order to avoid scalding the root system, the flower must be watered before fertilizing.

The most popular among florists is the Duchesnea indica, in which the flowers are painted yellow. This plant grows relatively quickly and therefore should be rejuvenated in a timely manner.

Potentilla indica care at home

Potentilla indica care at home
Potentilla indica


He loves light very much and well-lit areas should be chosen for its placement. But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the direct rays of the sun do not fall on the plant. With the onset of the summer period, the lighting should be increased, but this should be done gradually, using an artificially created shading.

Temperature regime

In the summer, the potentilla indica should be moved to the street. In winter, the air temperature in the room should be approximately equal to 10-12 degrees.

How to water

The plant loves moisture, so watering should be abundant and frequent.


Feels great in moderate humidity. In order for the substrate not to dry out too much, it is recommended to cover it with a layer of moss.

Transplant features

In autumn, the plant loses its decorative appearance. Therefore, experienced florists advise not to transplant, but to update the Potentilla indica in the same place.

How to propagate

Potentilla indica multiply quickly and simply in the following ways:

  • dividing the bush;
  • mustache with rooted rosettes;
  • seeds.

Most often, this plant is propagated using root processes (whiskers). The fact is that rosettes are formed on the mustache, from which leaves and roots are formed. Such bushes are quite capable of individual cultivation. They need to be separated from the mother bush and planted in separate flowerpots.

Growing potentilla indica from seeds is much more troublesome. It will take much more time and effort. And so, first you need to prepare seed material and containers for growing. These can be ordinary plastic containers, in the bottom of which holes are made for good air exchange and drainage of excess liquid. Soil for sowing seeds is disinfected with boiling water or a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. After sowing, the seeds are stratified, this procedure improves germination.

The seed containers are refrigerated for one week. Then they take it out into the heat, moisten it, cover it with polyethylene and place it in a sunny and warm place. Seeds germinate within six weeks. All this time, they need regular care. The seed containers are ventilated and regularly sprayed with a spray bottle. When the first shoots appear, the film is completely removed from the boxes. Saplings need to be given time to grow and get stronger, after which they are planted in flower beds or hanging flower pots.


Ornamental potentilla indica can be grown as an indoor or garden plant. Today it is actively used in landscape design. It is worth noting that the Potentilla looks beautiful on the flower beds and retains its decorative effect, it needs to be updated annually. Then the creeping shrubs quickly braid the desired areas, and fragrant in the flower beds with juicy greens and bright berries.

Duchesnea indica or Indian strawberry grows well in partial shade because it needs well-moisturized soil. If the plant is planted in sunny areas, then it must be watered frequently and abundantly.

It is necessary to plant potentilla indica in light soil. You can prepare the soil yourself from leafy earth and sand. You can also buy a ready-made substrate for indoor plants.

Regardless of where the Potentilla will be planted, in a garden flower bed or flowerpot, first of all, it is necessary to make a drainage layer of small pebbles or expanded clay, which should be about five centimeters. Then the soil is laid in the flowerpot, moistened and the potentilla indica is planted. It is good to plant a perennial outdoors in bright areas, but far from direct sunlight. When grown indoors in winter, the potentilla is placed in a bright room, where the air temperature is about fifteen degrees.

Potentilla indica has a strong root system, so if it is grown in pots, then it must be selected in accordance with the size of the roots.

Possible problems

  1. Rotting of the root collar – too abundant watering. You need to water less often and not so abundantly.
  2. The foliage turns yellow and spots appear on it – scale insects have settled on the plant. It is necessary to treat the plant with cotton pads, which should be moistened in soapy water mixed with tobacco infusion. After that, transfer the plant to a cool place where the air humidity is very high. If the need arises, then you can spray the potentilla indica with a two percent solution of karbofos.
  3. Young shoots and leaves are deformed – aphids have settled on the plant. It should be sprayed with soapy water, pyrethrum solution, Bordeaux liquid or tobacco infusion. Experts advise processing the plant again 12-15 days after the first treatment.

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