Restroom Design ideas, Tip & Pictures

Restroom Design ideas, Tip & Pictures

Small but so important room. According to researchers, about a year and a half of our lives we spend in the toilet. So spend this time in comfort!

If the toilet allows you to install a separate sink there will be a very nice bonus. Firstly, this is hygiene – there is no need to touch all the handles with unwashed hands on the way to the sink in the bathroom. And secondly, in principle, there is no need to visit two rooms instead of one.

Location of toilet paper holder
The toilet paper holder should be easy to reach. And if the average person copes with this task even with a very creative choice of its location, then children and elderly people will not say thank you for that. The correct location is on the side wall no further than the distance of your outstretched arm or on the wall in front of you.

Phone stand
Stop cunning, most of us prefer not to part with the phone in the toilet. But if there are no pockets in the clothes, the phone will have to be laid on the floor. Make your choice on a holder with a horizontal surface where you can put any little things – and life will become easier.

Hygienic shower
More and more often apartments you can see a hygienic shower in the toilet. Forcing them to use force, of course, is not worth it, but if you are thinking about whether or not to install it, here’s an additional plus – the hygienic shower works great as a hygienic brush. To say that a brush in any apartment is an example of cleanliness, it is unlikely that anyone will undertake, and such a shower is quite.

Hygienic shower

Plumbing cabinet
For a long time, the most popular option for the inventory hatch was a hidden mechanism. And this is a good solution – when using it, you can hide this technical element as much as possible. But there is another option – to turn the technical element into part of the design. For this, ordinary or rack doors are well suited.

Warm floor instead of a rug
It’s not very nice to walk on cold tiles. And to solve this problem, a specially designed toilet mat was invented – with an ergonomic notch. But if you think about how much everything accumulates on it during use, this solution no longer looks so successful. A simple, inexpensive, durable and hygienic solution is a warm floor that solves all issues and does not require special care.

Variety of Drain Tanks
Two popular solutions are regular tank and installation. If you want to be creative in this matter, you can consider a tall one as an alternative to a regular tank. Perhaps he still continues to be associated with public places, but modern models look really stylish and deserve our attention.

For those who like the installation but are confused by the wall-hung toilet, there is a very similar solution – a wall-mounted toilet with a hidden tank. The difference with the installation is that the installation is not there. That is, there is no metal structure to which the tank is attached, and the toilet itself is placed on the floor close to the wall.

At first glance it seems that with the lighting in the bathroom it is impossible to screw up. But fantasy can play a cruel joke, so it’s better to think about the lighting in advance. In an average apartment, when the size of the toilet is “meter per meter”, do not hang chandeliers or long ceiling suspensions, it is better to give preference to spotlights or volume less ceiling-wall models.

Riot of colors
Often you can find a riot of colors and imagination in such a modest-sized room. But the smaller the room, the more reasons to give preference to a minimalist design. Fantastic murals, a golden throne, street lamps – all this is very likely to quickly get bored. If you want to add bright colors, you should do it carefully, balancing the accents with calm tones.


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