Short Circuit at Home

Short Circuit at Home

Surely in the news, you have heard more than once that the cause of a fire in a home was the occurrence of a short circuit, which entailed adverse consequences. The fact is that if you did not check the entire network in the house in time, then a short circuit in the wiring may occur, which happens completely unexpectedly and is rather dangerous. Next, we will take a closer look at how to find a short circuit in the wiring of an apartment or house and eliminate it on our own.

Why is a short circuit dangerous?

A short circuit can lead to the fact that your electricity will not work. If the wiring is made up of copper wires and is constantly being diagnosed, a short occurs only in rare cases. But there are times when the wires have become old or damaged.

Therefore, when the cable is overloaded, a short circuit occurs.

Wiring is something that needs to be taken very seriously when building a house. Otherwise, problems may arise later.

Why is this happening?

A two-core cable consists of two cores. They have different potentials, that is, plus and minus. The wires are covered with rubber or electrical tape on top, forming insulation.

When overheated, the insulation melts, and the wires can touch. Thus, a closure happens.

There is a flash and sometimes a fire. To protect against fires, there are special machines.

They are installed in shields, and they turn off on their own, de-energizing the line.

Short circuit reasons

Among the main reasons are:

  1. Wire insulation problems. The wiring is old or damaged.
  2. The power supply system is in poor condition.
  3. The amount of energy consumed is higher than the bandwidth of the wires.
  4. Water can damage the insulation. For example, you are flooded by neighbors.

If a person installed the wiring in compliance with all safety requirements, the short circuit will not occur. Material for milling must be of high quality. Cables with copper conductors and PVC insulation work well.

Water can damage the insulation. For example, you are flooded by neighbors.

Water that gets on the wires gradually weakens the insulation. This does not mean that a short circuit will occur directly during flooding. Perhaps the water will only weaken the contacts, and the short circuit will occur in a couple of months. If you live in a private house, rodents can become the cause of the short circuit. Very often they bite off the insulation of the wires.

Another reason for a short circuit is the formation of soot on the wire. Perhaps you had a short circuit before, and thus it appeared.

What if there is a short circuit?

If there is a short circuit, you will smell burnt plastic. You will need to call an electrician. Until he arrives, try to prevent a fire from breaking out.

In cases where the machine did not work, you will have to turn it off yourself. If there are many switches in the dashboard, turn off everything.

In the event of a fire, it is necessary to extinguish it and call the Ministry of Emergency Situations by phone 991. Any product other than water will do. It conducts electricity well and therefore there is a risk that you will be hit by electricity. A fire extinguisher and sand work well for extinguishing.

Now all that remains is to wait for an electrician who can repair the damage to the wiring. It is necessary to find out the reason for the short circuit, and the reason for which the machine did not work.

The most important thing is timely diagnosis. If the wiring is old or damaged, call a specialist to replace it. If you do everything correctly, short circuit problems will not affect you.

Where exactly can a short circuit occur?

It can happen in the following places:

  1. Socket.
  2. Cord with a plug.
  3. Electrical appliances.
  4. Hidden wiring.
  5. Distribution and connection box.

If your house lights go out.

  • Don’t panic !!!
  • Check the flap. If the machine has a toggle switch lowered, then it is disabled.
  • You can enable it by moving the toggle switch up.
  • The machine can shut down not only if the wiring is faulty. Sometimes it turns off if there is a high voltage drop.
  • There are times when it is impossible to turn on the machine and the toggle switch goes down on its own.

There are two reasons for this phenomenon:

  •  Malfunction of the machine itself.
  • A short circuit has occurred on the conductor.

In this case, an urgent need to call a specialist.

Safety engineering

 You should not repair everything yourself, even if you are good with electricity. You should entrust this business to someone who has more than one year of work experience. Such people know how to find places of damage using a special device, and fix them without a loss for finishing.

Such equipment is needed not only to find the place where the partition has burned out. It is also used if the person does not know exactly where the wiring is. For example, in old-style houses, it is done behind a wall.

And the owner, punching a hole in the wall, can accidentally damage the wiring. You can use the help of a specialist. He will make a wiring diagram in the house.

Diagnose and repair the wiring in a timely manner to avoid short circuits and their consequences.


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