Skyscrapers With a Botanical Garden: a Project to be Built in Los Angeles

Skyscrapers With a Botanical Garden: a Project to be Built in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the United States, the construction of the One Beverly Hills multi-storey complex is planned. His project was developed by the design agency Foster + Partners. The developer is Gensler.

The complex consists of two residential towers, a ten-story Beverly Hilton and a four-story building that will house boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Residential towers are called The Santa Monica building and The gardens building, which translated into Russian sounds like “Santa Monica Building” and “Gardens House”. They will house 303 apartments. Under the buildings, it is planned to make underground parking for 1,900 cars.

Skyscrapers with a Botanical Garden

Around the complex will be surrounded by botanical gardens: some of them provide access for everyone, others – only for residents of the complex. The landscape will be adorned with sculptures, reservoirs, paths and shaded recreation areas. A large amount of greenery will make people feel good and will also improve the ecological situation. The gardens will be designed by landscape designers from Rios Studios

DBOX for Alagem Capital Group
A site plan of the 17.5-acre One Beverly Hills development. Two existing hotels will remain on the property while Merv Griffin Way, which bisects the site, will be covered with public parkland. (DBOX for Alagem Capital/Courtesy Foster + Partners)

A distinctive feature of the complex is a huge amount of greenery planted around the entire perimeter of the facade. From a distance, the buildings look overgrown, so they look organic in the middle of the garden. About $2 billion has been allocated for the construction. The creators hope to start construction in 2021 and complete the project in 2024.


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