Sliding Doors for Dressing Room

Sliding Doors for Dressing Room

When space is limited, it can be difficult to find doors for a dressing room. Sliding systems in such a situation become a suitable option. The online magazine offers to get acquainted with the existing types of sliding doors, the advantages and disadvantages of different models. We hope that our advice will help you make the best choice for your apartment or house.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of sliding doors include:

  • saving space. These structures require less space than swing systems. They allow you to more efficiently manage the available space. There is no need to free up space to open the sash;
  • operational safety. The likelihood of accidental slamming of the sash due to a draft is excluded;
  • convenient opening and closing ;
  • simple installation and maintenance. Installation can be done in-house. This does not require special skills. If one of the system elements is damaged, it is possible to independently replace the part with a new one;
  • presentable appearance. Sliding doors are often a stylish element of decor. Various materials are used for the manufacture of the structure. With the help of decorative elements, you can turn a sliding door into a real work of art.
sliding doors for dressing room
Economical space management

The disadvantages include:

  • lack of tightness. Various odors can easily seep into the wardrobe. This causes serious difficulties in the location of the dressing room near the kitchen;
  • quick loosening when using cheap fasteners. This can be avoided by using high-quality rollers and a guide bar;
  • some noise during the opening / closing process. Although the majority of users practically do not notice the generated noise after a while;
  • the soiling of mirrored sliding doors. Traces permanently remain on their surface, clearly visible in daylight. Having decided to give preference to this option, it is worth preparing for thorough care.
sliding doors for dressing room
Mirror surfaces need special care

Types of sliding door

Before you buy sliding doors for a dressing room, you should familiarize yourself with the existing varieties. Depending on the area of ​​the dressing room , the width of the opening or personal preferences, you can give preference to a certain option. We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular species and their distinctive features.

sliding doors for dressing room
The design features of the system depend on the installation site

Sliding doors for dressing room

The sliding doors for the dressing room are moved on rollers along a rail fixed above the doors. Increased requirements are imposed on the installation of such systems. The rail must be mounted on a solid wall that can withstand the operating load.

The door system includes an aluminum profile and frame, roller mechanisms and stoppers. The number of rollers is selected individually, depending on the weight of the sashes. Stoppers prevent doors from sliding off the guide rail. The main advantages of sliding doors include:

  • noiselessness of work. Ball bearings and silicone coating on the rollers prevent inherent noise;
  • long service life. The increased rigidity and sufficient strength of the guide rail allows for sufficient strength of the door system.
sliding doors for dressing room
Retractable ones do not create noise during operation

Which wardrobe is best sliding or door?

Roller mechanisms are used to move the flaps in such structures. Due to this, during operation, one web slides into another. The smooth running of the sliding door for the wardrobe is ensured by the bearings that are part of the roller mechanisms. The guide rails are fixed to the ceiling and floor.

When choosing such a system for a dressing room, it should be remembered that the lower guide rail will play the role of a sill, which can cause certain inconveniences during operation. Dirt and dust will constantly accumulate inside it, which will need to be removed in a timely manner in order for the roller mechanism to function properly. Photos of sliding doors to the dressing room allow you to understand the features of this design.

Which wardrobe is best sliding or door
Sliding move on two guides

Folding wardrobe doors

Ideal for confined spaces. During operation, folding doors for the dressing room are assembled in half, and then slide in the right direction. Their main advantage is their spectacular appearance. They can be the best option for a room decorated in a minimalist style .

Foldable structures are optimal in confined spaces
Foldable structures are optimal in confined spaces

Accordion sliding doors

The structure of such systems includes several canvases, which are connected to each other using end hinges. This greatly complicates the independent production of the accordion sliding door . The installation of such systems should also be entrusted to specialists.

The width of the canvases is selected individually. The width of the opening and the dimensions of the space that can be allocated for the folded structure are taken into account. The rails are mounted on the floor and ceiling.

sliding doors for dressing room
Accordion includes several canvases

Slatted doors for dressing room

Such designs are the best option for deaf rooms. Slatted wardrobe doors provide free air circulation. As a result, an optimal microclimate for storing things is formed .

The canvases can have a different appearance. The slats can be placed not only horizontally or vertically, but also at an angle. If you wish, you can form a drawing. For the manufacture of laths for the dressing room, mainly pine timber is used , which is varnished on top to give the desired appearance.

sliding doors for dressing room
Keeping the microclimate is easy with slatted sliding doors

Materials and types of dressing room door decor

For the manufacture of a door system for a dressing room, various materials can be used, each of which is recommended to be used to decorate a room in a certain style. We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular solutions, as well as the recommended area of ​​their use.

sliding doors for dressing room
The design is selected taking into account the surrounding space


Wooden doors will be the best solution for a dressing room decorated in a classic style. Such designs are versatile and durable. If basic maintenance requirements are observed, a long service life of the system can be ensured.

Attention! Manufacturers offer various types of solid wood sashes. You can prefer a fixed sash, choose a paneled and combined canvas.

sliding doors for dressing room
Wood is an environmentally friendly material


The main advantage of glass doors is their ability to transmit light well into the dressing room. The choice can be made in favor of a solid glass construction or in conjunction with other materials. The glass sheet itself can be matte or glossy.

There is a choice of decor options. Instead of ordinary or colored glass, you can use a canvas on which a multi-colored film is glued or an image is applied through photo printing. A fairly popular option that allows you to apply any image, including a photo, to sliding doors.

Another popular option is sandblasting. There are typical templates, but if you wish, you can apply your own image. Sandblasting patterns have increased resistance to mechanical stress. They retain their presentable appearance when exposed to sunlight.

Frosted glass doors
Frosted glass doors

Sliding mirrored doors for dressing room

For the manufacture of mirrored sheets, triplex or tempered glass is used, which has the necessary strength characteristics. Such surfaces are difficult to damage during operation. A protective film is glued to the inside of the sliding mirrored doors for the dressing room.

These door systems serve several functions. They not only delimit the space, but also visually expand it, harmoniously fitting into the interior. Cloths are chosen for dressing rooms arranged in high-tech apartments . However, due to their presentable appearance, they will be appropriate in any interior .

Mirrored doors visually expand the space
Mirrored doors visually expand the space


Plastic products are a versatile solution. They do not impose increased requirements for maintenance, are quickly assembled and allow for various decor options. Depending on the design of the room in which the dressing room is located, preference can be given to painting, pasting or posters.

The disadvantages of plastic doors include a limited service life and appearance, which cannot be classified as solid. However, if a cheap wardrobe door system is needed, plastic doors are the best solution.

sliding doors for dressing room
Plastic – an affordable solution

Bamboo and rattan

The popularity of these materials is due to their environmental friendliness and safety for human health. Bamboo is characterized by a heterogeneous structure and density. The resulting material can have different characteristics. It perfectly retains its characteristics in high humidity conditions, which allows you to install the same doors in the dressing room and bathroom .

Rattan is similar in texture to bamboo. The spongy fiber on the inner side of the barrel acquires powerful bonding properties after hot steam treatment. As a result, materials manufactured in compliance with technological requirements have high strength characteristics.

Rattan and bamboo sliding canvases will be an ideal option for an eco-style house or apartment. The high strength of the material guarantees a long service life. The distinctive texture will provide a presentable appearance.

Distinctive texture makes sliding doors presentable
Distinctive texture makes sliding doors presentable

Tips for Selection

When choosing a suitable door system from a wide variety of options presented for a dressing room, you should choose:

  • the dimensions of the canvases, focusing on the thickness of the wall, the width of the opening and personal preferences;
  • type of opening based on the characteristics of the installation site;
  • material depending on financial capabilities, the desired appearance and the load that the wall can withstand;
  • design of canvases taking into account the general stylistic design of the room.
sliding doors for dressing room
The choice must be deliberate

The main nuances of installing sliding doors for a dressing room DIY

To install a door system , it is not necessary to resort to the help of specialists. Everyone, if desired, can perform the installation of sliding doors for the dressing room with their own hands, if they figure out the sequence of work. The main steps are summarized in the table below.

Description of work
1 The necessary materials and tools are being prepared. The canvas and guide rails are cut to size, taking into account the dimensions of the opening.
2 Mounting holes are drilled.
3 A metal profile is put on the lower part of the sash of the sliding door for the wardrobe with your own hands. Its length is less than the width of the canvas, therefore, be sure to leave the same distance on both sides of the edge.
4 The guide profile is pushed onto the top and then onto the sides.
5 We connect the lower bar with the side one.
6 Install the lower roller.
7 We insert a screw into the mounting hole between the side and top bar and tighten it slightly.
8 Insert the roller and finally tighten the screw.
9 Install the top and bottom guides.
10 Insert the top rollers into the top guide.
11 We insert the rollers into the lower guide.
12 The level controls the spatial position of the installed sash.
13 We attach the felt seal (it is advisable to complete this stage before installing the door).
14 We adjust the position of the latch, with the help of which the door will be locked during operation.
sliding doors for dressing room
Example of organizing a dressing room with sliding doors in a bedroom

Correct care and use

Sliding doors need a systematic retreat. The duration of service and the quality of operation of the structure depends on this. To care for a sliding door, you must have in stock:

  • pegs made of wood;
  • hammer ;
  • machine lubrication. Preferably in the form of an aerosol;
  • set of wrenches;
  • brush;
  • rags;
  • screwdriver.

To care for mirrored doors, you need special products designed specifically for the care of such surfaces. It is also recommended to use a soft cloth to avoid scratches and other defects in the door . When leaving, remove accumulated dirt and dust from the rollers. This can be done using a special tool: brushes, vacuum cleaner, etc. The moving elements of the system should be lubricated after the appearance of a characteristic squeak.

During operation, the condition of the guides, which may deform, should be monitored. This will make it much more difficult to move the flaps. To eliminate the problem, use a wooden peg and a hammer. If the rollers are damaged, they will need to be replaced.

Advice! When ordering videos, it is worth purchasing spare parts so as not to look for suitable products when the installed ones fail.


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