Smart Home Tech 2021

Smart Home Tech 2021

High technologies for home comfort and your personal comfort – the idea of ​​a smart home was received with enthusiasm several decades ago and today those who can afford it can enjoy an impressive level of convenience.

One of the advantages of smart home technologies remains their continuous development. More recently, the ability to open the blinds or close the curtains with remote control, as well as automatically turn on the lights and start heating when the door is opened by the owners, was something incredible and revolutionary. However, today such options have become much more affordable, and the possibilities of a smart home are more and more impressive from year to year.

The key trend uniting smart home technologies in 2021 is adapting them to the habits and lifestyles of the owners and predicting their behavior. Making the air warmer or cooler, determining when to replenish stocks, making music recommendations for home workouts – advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning are working wonders today. We invite you to find out a little more about the comfortable options that the developers have already proposed or are planning to offer in the upcoming season.

Complete safety zone

Surveillance from cameras and videophones is more commonplace today than something fantastic. However, even today, many admit that such systems also have drawbacks that make it easy to get around them if necessary. At the moment, experts suggest trying to protect your home using the following technologies:

  • locks with face and fingerprint recognition technology;
  • security drones connected to special sensors in the house and monitoring a specific part of the house in the event of one of them being triggered;
  • an intelligent car alarm that sends alerts directly to the owner’s smartphone.

The possibilities for storing data received from surveillance systems have also expanded. Now there is no need to accumulate digital media – everything is connected to cloud storage with almost unlimited storage space.

To help cooks

When it comes to the kitchen, the engineers and developers have been able to make the most of it. Now the smart kitchen is not only a place where you can cook with complete comfort, but also the ability to “manage” your supplies.

One of the revolutionary innovations in 2021 promises to be an intelligent refrigerator that demonstrates incredible possibilities. Today it is hard to believe that even 40-50 years ago, this technique served solely to preserve the freshness of food. The capabilities of refrigerators are constantly expanding, and the most advanced models are already capable of performing the following functions:

  • tracking the expiration dates of products;
  • analysis of purchases and planning of the next purchases based on the product basket of the owners;
  • tracking the volume of products and warning about the need to replenish stocks;
  • synchronization with other kitchen devices.

Equally interesting are smart ovens that automatically select the temperature suitable for a particular dish, as well as are able to regulate the heating depending on the preferences of family members and reheat food right before the owners arrive. But the capabilities of a smart home are not limited to these two devices today: smart bars, mixers, pressure cookers, and even special kitchen music stations not only delight with amazing functionality but also impress with their stylish design in the spirit of hi-tech.

Mood management

Today, the capabilities of a smart home are no longer limited to automatically turning on and off lights. Large brands such as Eufy, Sengled, Wyze, and Phillips have already offered a variety of solutions for managing lighting scenarios. The solutions presented by them allow you to use the following options:

  • turning on and off lamps using voice commands, as well as through applications on a smartphone or tablet;
  • customize the lighting scenario on the way home from work or walk;
  • setting up light control depending on your location (via GPS and geofencing function);
  • regulation of brightness and zoning of lighting depending on the mood and situation;
  • automatic adjustment of lighting at home for the weather and time of day.

Smart bathroom

Smart technologies could not ignore the bathroom – one of the most functional rooms in the house. When developing solutions, engineers need to consider three aspects at once – safety, comfort, and mood – and today they have quite succeeded. If anything, the options they offer are impressive:

  • mirrors with automatic illumination and built-in TV screens;
  • intelligent regulation of water and air temperature;
  • tracking the filling of the bath with an automatic shutdown function;
  • intelligent demisters (spray catchers) that protect against splashing water and wet floors.

It is noteworthy that modern digital technologies allow you to save your own set of smart bathroom settings for each family member. Now there is no need to waste time adjusting water procedures to fit the parameters that are comfortable for you.

Intellectual training

During a pandemic, being able to stay healthy and fit without having to leave your home becomes incredibly important. And this very well coincided with new technologies in the field of technology, allowing you to create a full-fledged training room at home.

Smart home fitness systems are huge touchscreen displays that will broadcast training programs, as well as master classes from personal virtual trainers and recommendations on loads, types,juicer and regularity of exercises based on your personal data. Moreover, thanks to special sensors, these systems constantly monitor the degree of permissible load and the correctness of the exercise, as well as to measure the final and current progress – and in real time. For those inclined to give up everything halfway, there is also a way out: artificial intelligence will track the quality of the exercises and cheer them up if necessary.

Smart technologies for health

In the modern world, health is gaining incredible value. And it is not surprising that the high-tech sector pays a lot of attention to the possibilities of maintaining and monitoring it. Today this applies not only to provide a home with a comfortable microclimate and fresh food but also other equally serious and important aspects. Of particular interest among users of smart home systems, today are:

  • constant monitoring of sleep – duration, depth, alternation of fast and slow phases;
  • movement and warning systems for people with disabilities;
  • the ability to carry out online consultations with a doctor if necessary;
  • clothes and accessories with functions of analysis of vision, heart rate, respiratory organs;
  • monitoring and analysis of general physical mobility.

Smart home 2021: conclusions

The integration of high technologies into our daily life turns the house not only into a place for living and rest but also a reliable and sensitive assistant, which makes it possible to significantly facilitate the solution of everyday issues, take care of ourselves and our own safety and feel absolutely comfortable at any time of the day.


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