Steam Generator in a Sauna?

Steam Generator in a Sauna?

A bath is a unique place for relaxation, taking hygienic water procedures, relaxing and healing the body. The furnace allows you to create a special microclimate in the steam room, which requires skill and knowledge of many nuances. A sauna steam generator allows you to automate the procedure for heating a bath; after a couple of moments after turning it on, it generates warm, light steam.

Features of operation and principle of operation of the sauna steam generator

Installing a traditional stove-heater in a bath is a labor-intensive and complex task that requires arranging a foundation for heating equipment, designing and laying a smoke duct, and ensuring fire safety during the operation of the stove.

At the same time, the furnace of the heater requires special skill and talent. To get soft pleasant steam and create a favorable microclimate in the steam room, you need to know a huge number of nuances. A functional steam generator for baths and saunas will avoid these difficulties and problems.
The steam generator is a compact functional device designed to generate moist warm steam in a bath. It can function in tandem with a traditional heater or independently of heating equipment. However, he can independently heat the steam room only with a small area (no more than 4-6 square meters).

The sauna steam generator eliminates the need to constantly add water to hot furnace stones to maintain the optimal level of humidity and heat in the bath. By the principle of operation, the device is similar to an electric kettle. To heat water and release steam, the device is equipped with an electric heater.
When water boils (a few minutes after switching on), the device automatically generates steam. The steam gun is capable of generating steam in any temperature range (from 35 to 95 degrees) depending on the individual equipment operation settings set on the control unit.
The operation of the steam generator for a bath is regulated using a special valve on the lid. To create an atmosphere of a real Turkish hammam, you need warm steam with a high degree of humidity, and for dry hot steam.
The main structural elements of the device are:

  • Water tank.
  • Steam pump.
  • Steam generation unit.
  • Safety sensor/indicator.
  • Remote Control.
  • Electric heater.

When used in conjunction with a heater, the steam generator supplies hot, humid steam to the steam room and additionally to the heating stones. Thanks to the use of the device, significant water savings are achieved, the heating temperature of the stones is reduced, and the load on the heater is also reduced, which leads to an extension of its service life.
When operating the steam generator independently without a traditional sauna stove, the cost of electrical energy for its operation increases. At the same time, the device can be used not only to create a special healing microclimate but also for complex heating of the steam room.

Types and characteristics

Modern steam generators for baths and saunas can operate autonomously or automatically. In the first case, the operation of the device requires regular manual addition of water. Automated devices are connected to the water supply system, which eliminates unnecessary hassle.
In autonomous models, users can fill in purified and softened water. They have a fairly large water tank of three to six liters, and also have a more affordable cost. Automatic devices have one significant drawback. The use of tap water leads to sedimentation of impurities and the formation of scale, which requires regular cleaning and rinsing.
Regardless of the method of water supply, two types of steam generators are distinguished:

  • Industrial. Powerful performance models are suitable for use in commercial baths and saunas.
  • Household. Steam generators with a power of 4-16 kW are designed for installation in private baths.

Note! When choosing the power of the sauna steam generator, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the steam room. In a bath with an area of ​​​​10-12 square meters, it is optimal to use 8-9 kW guns, in larger and more spacious steam rooms – devices with a power of 12 kW, and for small saunas and baths – up to 4-6 kW.

Depending on the method of heating water, there are three types of steam generators:

  • Electrode. The heating of the liquid in the tank to the required temperature is carried out in the process of passing a current through the electrodes through the water. In the form of electrodes in the design of the device, simple metal rods act. During operation, the steam gun does not overheat, since the current transfer between the electrodes occurs only through water, without which the steam generator will not work.
  • Electric (TEN). To heat the liquid in the tank and generate warm wet steam, electric heaters of different capacities are designed. The most optimal and popular model for use in the bath.
  • Induction. The water in the tank is heated by an electromagnetic field (according to the principle of operation of a microwave oven).

Heating water using electrodes is accompanied by the release of thermal energy and evaporation of the liquid, which leads to the generation of warm steam, purified from salt impurities present in tap water. When the current passes through the water, the salts turn into a heavy residue that settles at the bottom of the tank.
Induction water heating based on electromagnetic radiation allows you to get absolutely pure light steam. The disadvantage of using this type of steam generator is its high cost.
Steam guns with electric heaters are the simplest and easiest way to generate steam in a bath. To prolong their service life, it is necessary to use a softened purified or distilled liquid.

Advantages and possibilities of the sauna steam generator

The main advantage of using a sauna steam generator in a bath and sauna is the ease of use and maintenance. In addition, powerful models of devices are able to work without a traditional heater. Other indisputable advantages of operating steam guns include:

  • Economical consumption of electrical energy.
  • Ease of adjusting the intensity of supply and the initial temperature of sauna steam generator (a special dashboard is designed to control all processes and equipment operation parameters).
  • High speed of water heating in the tank and supply of warm steam (after a couple of minutes after switching on).
  • Bath safety.
  • Automatic control and maintenance of the set operating parameters. (the intensity of generation and removal of steam is monitored and controlled by sensors and a microprocessor).
  • Compact dimensions and low weight (allow you to place the steam generator even in a bath of a small area).

The disadvantages of steam generators for baths and saunas are the high cost of quality products from reliable manufacturers, as well as energy dependence.
Modern devices generate steam with a temperature of 35 to 95 degrees, which allows the user to maintain an optimal microclimate in the steam room, depending on individual settings and personal preferences. In one room, with the help of a steam gun, you can create the atmosphere of a Turkish hammam or a Finnish sauna.
Note! Since steam generators are operated in a bath at high temperatures and air humidity, strict safety requirements are imposed on them. The operating parameters of the steam gun are automatically controlled; if they deviate from the norm, the device is disconnected from the power supply.

How to choose a steam generator in a sauna?

Sauna steam generator are able to replace a traditional heater, a wood-burning stove for a bath while creating a comfortable microclimate and providing the necessary level of air humidity and heat. The device is installed in a room located near the steam room (locker room, restroom, dressing room). At the same time, steam is supplied to the steam room using a heat-resistant hose.
When installing a steam generator in a bath, you must follow a number of rules. The equipment room must be dry, warm and ventilated. At the same time, the length of the hose for supplying the generated steam should be minimal without bends and kinks.
When choosing and buying a modern steam generator for a bath and sauna, it is necessary to take into account the operating conditions of the equipment, the purpose and technical parameters of the work:

  • Power. It is necessary to choose equipment according to this indicator in accordance with the size of the steam room. Industrial models with a power of 15 to 33 kW are suitable for a commercial bath, and up to 12-14 kW for a private bath.
  • Dimensions and weight correspond to the power of the device.
  • Level of protection (ensures the safe operation of the steam gun in the bath).
  • Method of filling the water tank (automated or autonomous).
  • The function of automatic cleaning of equipment from scale and solid residue.
  • Additional features (lighting, aromatization of the generated steam).

Note! When choosing a steam generator for a bath and sauna, you should take into account the parameters for connecting equipment for generating steam to the power supply. On sale are models of steam guns designed for operation in a single-phase network (220 V) and three-phase (380 V). Before connecting the equipment, it is necessary to determine the ability of the home bath network to withstand such a load.


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