The Best Humidi for 2021

The Best Humidi for 2021

Dry air can cause dry skin and sinuses, sore throat, headaches, and allergic reactions. A good air humidifier is a device designed to increase the concentration of microscopic water particles in the air. The optimal microclimate in residential premises is considered to be humidity in the range of 40-60%. Particular attention should be paid to air quality during the cold season: heating devices reduce humidity, especially in unventilated rooms. Special devices help to control and maintain the temperature and humidity parameters: thermometers, hygrometers, and humidifiers.

There is a huge selection of various high-quality equipment here. Local sellers value their reputation and are customer-oriented. On the websites of American retailers, you can see reviews of air humidifiers and view products from different angles.

Choosing a model from a huge range is not easy. We have selected the top best air humidifiers based on recommendations from CNET and The Strategist, popular online resources that rank consumer goods.

The main criteria for the selection of humidifiers

Design, dimensions, and weight

Humidifiers vary in size and appearance. Depending on personal preferences, you can choose a portable device or a multifunctional climate station.

Operating principle

Mechanical, traditional, natural, or cold type. The simplest and most inexpensive humidifiers compensate for the lack of humidity without problems, but they will often have to be refilled, controlled, and adjusted manually. Suitable for any premises.

In natural humidifiers, the water from the reservoir passes through special cartridges blown by a fan. The devices maintain humidity up to 60% and partially purify the air during recirculation. Average productivity is 3–8 liters of water per day. Average power – 20-50 watts.

Steam. They use the principle of vaporization by heating water. The devices are hygienic, undemanding to water quality, and can be used for inhalation. Do not need consumables. Able to maintain humidity levels above 60%. Average productivity is 5-15 liters per day. Average power – 300-600 watts.

With steam humidifiers, you need to be careful and consider placement carefully if there are small children or pets in the room. Appliances generating hot steam, in addition to humidification, slightly increase the air temperature.

Ultrasonic. With the help of a membrane that vibrates with tremendous frequency, the water is broken up into microparticles, which form a finely dispersed suspension – “cold vapor”. The mist is blown out with a built-in fan and evaporated in the room.

This is a universal humidifier: models of this type lead the sales rating in online stores. Ultrasonic devices allow manual or automatic adjustment of settings and maintain a wide range of humidity levels. Some devices can generate hot steam.

Products require regular careful care, the use of purified water and are equipped with replaceable elements – cartridges. Average productivity is 5–12 liters per day. Average power – 40-50 watts.

Capacity, performance, and power consumption

The frequency of refilling depends on the capacity of the tank. Performance should correspond to the area of ​​the serviced premises, and electricity consumption should not harm the family budget.

Control type:

  • mechanical;
  • sensory.

Modes and security

A mandatory function for any type of electric humidifier is an automatic shutdown if there is no liquid in the tank. A significant advantage is the regulation of the intensity of steam generation, night, and turbo mode.

Contents and the need for consumables

Humidifiers are electrical appliances that are constantly in contact with liquid. For many models, manufacturers recommend using water softening filters.

Best humidi: 5 popular models

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier is the top 1 according to Amazon buyers. More than 30 thousand people gave this ultrasound device 5 stars and emphasized its ease of use. Just fill in the water and press the button. The device has 4 options for setting the steam generation with LED blue backlights of different intensities. The device does not generate noise during operation and looks extremely impressive. The capacity of the tank is 1.5 liters. The time of continuous work is 16 hours.

Price Amazon – $40.

Kealive Cool Mist Humidifier Bedroom

The ultrasonic humidifier bedroom area of 50 m 2, providing 30 hours of continuous operation from one fueling 2.7-liter tank. The advantages of the model are a three-level vaporization mode, a compact size, and a rotating nozzle that allows you to direct a cloud of fine suspended matter to the desired area without the need to move the device. Quiet and safe, the device is equipped with a light indicator to remind you to top up with water.

Price – $30.


A versatile and powerful humidifier from the California brand LEVOIT generates cold and hot steam. Equipped with an automatic mode that regulates vaporization according to the readings of the built-in hygrometer. The silent device has the ability to turn off the LED and ends when the tank becomes empty. The device is equipped with an aroma diffuser: a few drops of your favorite essential oils will fill the room with a pleasant aroma. Suitable for rooms up to 70 m 2 . Provides continuous steam generation for 60 hours.

Price – $90.

Crane EE-5202

A device that generates hot steam can be easily converted into a personal inhaler by installing a special nozzle. The compact device with a capacious tank with a volume of about 2 liters works without interruption for up to 8 hours. The set includes a container for medicinal formulations.

Price – $45.


JISULIFE portable ultrasonic budget humidifier is a miniature cylindrical body the size of a marker with a spherical top. The humidifier can be dipped into any container with water: a cup, a jar, a bottle. The operating time depends on the capacity of the tank. The length of the rod is adjustable. The device connects to any power source via USB. It can be connected to a laptop or car cigarette lighter, power bank, or home network via an adapter.

Price – $17.

In foreign online stores, there are many moisturizers of various types of action. The wide price range allows you to find the best humidifier for any budget. Forwarding service NP Shopping will help you deliver your favorite model to Ukraine.

Please note that shipping costs depend on the actual weight of the purchase with packaging. Also, do not forget that when transporting goods worth more than 100 euros, you must pay VAT – 20% of the difference between the price and the established limit. If the cost of the goods in the parcel is more than 150 euros, you will additionally need to pay a customs duty of 10% of the same difference.

PS The prices indicated in the article are current as of the end of January 2021.


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