Troubleshooting Short Circuit

Troubleshooting Short Circuit

Regardless of the cause of the occurrence, the closure of the electrical wiring is one of the most unpleasant (in terms of diagnostics and repair) malfunctions of any electrical circuit – in an apartment, a private house, or a production facility. A particularly difficult case is the closure of hidden electrical wiring because the wires are hidden under a layer of plaster. Even if there are devices in the tools of a home electrician that will help find the place of damage without opening the walls, then for repair the wires will still need to be removed.

The reasons why a short circuit occurs are primarily:

  • Aging of the network. The insulating layer wears out over time and breaks are formed in the places of inflection, where the contact is exposed.
  • Flooding by neighbors results in moisture degrading the sticky side of the tape that protects the wrap.
  • Mechanical damage to core insulation. For example, if you drive a nail directly into the place where the cable is located. That is why it is recommended to initially find the wire in the wall and then proceed to construction work.
  • The negative action of rats who sacrifice their lives and simply gnaw the cable. In this case, the danger can be avoided by applying measures to protect the wiring from rodents.
  • Prolonged overload of the network, leads to the melting of the insulating layer.
  • Failure of an electrical appliance, which, in turn, “short-circuits” the electrical circuit.

Troubleshooting short circuits and prevention

First, let’s look at how to fix a short circuit in the network:

  1. The damaged area must be removed and the contacts reconnected, carefully insulating the bonding point.
  2. If the socket or switch is burnt, do not try to repair it. It will be cheaper and safer to buy a new product and install it.
  3. The old wiring must be completely replaced, because even if you solve the problem once, after a while it may arise in another place.
  4. If the reason is in household appliances, repair the breakdown with your own hands.

With regard to preventive measures, you should take the following actions:

  1. If the socket starts to spark, repair it or replace it with a new one because often it is this product that closes.
  2. Be sure to revise the lighting network and power group of wires every few months, because A short circuit may not occur immediately, but over time. The beginning of the process can be detected by the color of the instrument case – it will turn yellow and melt if a short circuit flows through the line.
  3. Be sure to install a circuit breaker and residual current device. These devices effectively cope with problems such as short circuits and prevent disastrous consequences.
  4. When installing electrical wiring, correctly calculate the cable cross-section so that overloads from powerful devices do not occur.
  5. All groups of cables do not need to be closely folded next to each other during installation work, so as not to damage the protective sheaths.
  6. Before drilling a wall, test it with a homemade metal detector to avoid accidentally bumping into a cable under the plaster.

No electricity after a short circuit

Have your lights gone out, your apartment is de-energized?  Do not start to panic, it is possible that the whole house has been de-energized. Make sure that only you are not energized. Somehow, I also had such a case when the apartment was de-energized and I was looking for reasons at home, only then did I decide to call the neighbors and realized that this was a planned shutdown.

If a short circuit occurs at home, the cause of which you could not determine on your own, you must immediately call an electrician.  It is not worth troubleshooting yourself, because, in addition to general knowledge about electricity, you also need to have significant practical experience. To be able to handle a special device for locating the damage and to correct them with minimal losses for finishing.

Special equipment for finding burnt wiring is needed not only for its restoration. Any attempt to punch a hole in the wall at random can end up badly if you don’t know if the wiring is there or not. For example, in old buildings, in order to install a pipe for a heated towel rail in the bathroom in the bathroom, it is necessary to make a deep furrow. And it is not a fact that electrical wires or cables cannot pass through the work area. And most likely there is no wiring diagram for this place. In this case, a special device is required to detect hidden wiring in the building. Subsequently, you can call a specialist who, thanks to the device, will be able to draw up a diagram of the entire lighting network and mark the branches of wires that fit into sockets or switches.

And if you have not done any serious repairs to your apartment, then you are in a more advantageous situation than the owner of an apartment with a major overhaul mentioned at the beginning of the article. Thanks to the ready-made scheme, you can first do the electrical installation and only then, with peace of mind, decorate the rooms or add outlet groups. All old aluminum wires will be replaced with copper wires, which greatly reduces the possibility of short circuits and wiring failures.

Summing up, it is worth saying that if some outlets in your house do not work or there is no electricity at all, then you should not be upset. Benefit from the help of qualified electricians and new century technology.


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