Types and Prices of Gas Boilers for Home Heating

Types and Prices of Gas Boilers for Home Heating

Housing becomes truly cozy and comfortable when it maintains a satisfactory temperature regime, and heating costs are commensurate with financial capabilities. Heat sources can be devices powered by various types of energy. Currently, three types of boilers are actively used: solid fuel, electric and gas. Each of them has its own characteristics as well as advantages. The question of the price of gas boilers for heating a private house arises when the choice of the type of device has already been made, and it must be chosen among a wide range of products.

In order to give preference to gas heating, you don’t have to give a lot of argumentation. The main condition is access to communications through which gas is supplied. All other arguments speak for themselves:

  • gas heating requires minimal maintenance;
  • works constantly and in automatic mode;
  • correct operation and maintenance of the equipment guarantee safe operation;
  • high level of efficiency efficiency;
  • a properly selected gas boiler allows you to economically heat large houses.

Types of gas boilers

After the gas supply to the house is provided and the permits for its use are received, you can start choosing a boiler. Modern production of such devices is presented in a large assortment.

Home gas boilers fall into three main categories:

  • by the method of installation: floor, wall;
  • for liquid heating: double-circuit, single-circuit;
  • by the method of removal of the combustion product: chimney, turbocharged.

Floor standing gas boiler

If all the original models of boilers were floor-standing, then wall-mounted models appeared relatively recently and represent a miniature gas boiler room. The burner, heat exchanger, expansion tank, circulation pumps, thermometer, pressure gauge, as well as a safety system – everything is compactly and efficiently located in the housing. The weight and cost of such boilers varies, but the benefits they provide are much more valuable. Freeing up space in rooms, they blend harmoniously into the interior.

How much is a gas boiler for House?

In the variety that is provided by sellers, you can find gas boilers for household use in the average price range from $ 250 to $ 1000 and above. It all depends on the tasks that the device needs to perform, as well as the brand. For this, calculations of the power are made, which is necessary to maintain a stable temperature level in the premises. To determine the maximum required power value, the area of ​​the heated premises, the level of their insulation, etc. are taken into account.

Wall mounted gas boiler can be hidden in the kitchen cabinet

Boilers should be purchased with a power reserve. Better when they work at medium working, and not at the limit. But if the power reserve is much higher than the required indicator, it will be a useless surcharge for unclaimed opportunities. As for hinged gas boilers, their cost will be one and a half to two times higher than the price of floor-standing ones. But if design aspects are important to the buyer of the unit, as well as saving space in the room, then such an overpayment will be a profitable one-time investment in comfort. It will provide many of the benefits of operating a gas boiler.

Helpful advice! Do not buy a gas boiler until the project is completed. Usually, the developer of the documentation will carry out professional calculations and recommend the best option for a gas boiler.

Differences between gas boilers by type of heating

The standard single-circuit gas boiler is intended for heating only. Its design allows water to be heated in a loop heating system. To heat water in such cases, gas water heaters or boilers are used. But this is unprofitable if a double-circuit gas boiler can be used. There is much more effect from such a device. In addition to the fact that you do not need to buy and connect additional equipment, it allows you to almost simultaneously heat water for use in the bathroom, shower, etc.

Remember! Single-circuit gas boilers are used only for heating, double-circuit ones – for heating and heating water in unlimited quantities.

Electronic piezo-ignition devices are installed to ignite the boiler. Also, the combustion process is controlled by automation, which excludes the possibility of supplying gas to the combustion chamber in the absence of traction in it or in an extinguished state. Residues of combustion products are discharged due to natural exhaust or turbo compulsion.

Floor standing boilers

Despite the fact that floor-standing boilers take up more space, because of this, their use has not become less popular where it comes to heating large areas. At a price, gas boilers for heating a private house differ significantly. For example, inexpensive domestic-made boilers can be purchased from $ 200. Such devices will provide normal single or double-circuit heating in a country house or in the country. Accordingly, a boiler with a capacity of up to 1000 kilowatts will cost significantly more.

Floor standing boilers with high power are best placed in separate rooms.

By the type of work, floor standing boilers can be divided into two groups:

  1. Units with atmospheric burners. The power ranges from 10 to 70 kW. Their operation is characterized by noiselessness, ease of operation, management and affordability.
  2. Gas heating devices with inflatable burners. These include boilers with high power. From the point of view of domestic use, they must be placed in special rooms, since special conditions must be created for their operation. They also create noise.

The gas boiler can be hidden in the built-in storage

For floor-type gas boilers, heat exchangers are made of steel or cast iron. It is better to give preference to cast iron. It is a material that is more resistant to temperature and corrosive effects.

Attention! In order to obtain permission to install a gas floor boiler, it is necessary that the area of ​​the room is at least 4 m², the ceiling height is at least 2.5 m. It is also necessary to provide a special ventilation duct.

Purchase quality gas equipment for a safe source of heat

Connecting equipment to a gas overpass requires the implementation of a number of strict rules and measures, which are known to specialists who have permission to such work. The task of the home owner is to purchase high-quality equipment, the installation of which will provide his home with a reliable, efficient, economical and safe source of heat.

It is very difficult for buyers to understand the modern variety of offers of these household appliances. Starting from the brand and ending with the technical data, gas boilers present a rather confusing series of questions that are not easy to find an answer to. It is not always possible to trust your choice based only on a high price. A gas boiler with the same functions can have diametrically different prices. In such a case, it is recommended to consult with several specialists and experts. Their professional advice will help you make the right choice.


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