A building with a green roof: what an unusual coffee factory looks like in Georgia

A building with a green roof: what an unusual coffee factory looks like in Georgia

The Georgian studio Giorgi Khmaladze Architects has completed the Coffee Production Plant project, which in translation into Russian sounds like “Coffee Production Plant”. The factory is located in Tbilisi near the airport.

A key feature of the building is the concrete facades with unusual crevices, which were filled in by the architects on site. Their shape resembles an accordion Thanks to this feature, the appearance of the factory changes all the time: the play of light and shadow depends on the location of the sun.

The L-shaped building is crowned with a green roof. The surface was planted with grass, which serves not only as decoration, but also as an insulating layer. The shape of the roof follows the hills. This was not done by chance: where the equipment is located, it is higher.

Skylights are built into the roof, allowing natural light to enter the rooms. Also, light enters through the glass walls from the inner outdoor courtyards. They are also planted with different plants. Due to the absence of ordinary windows, workers do not notice the planes that constantly take off and land nearby.

green roof

In the main lobby of the factory, the space is in the form of an amphitheater, the steps lead to the atrium, which houses the reception. It is possible to sit on multilevel platforms, so the area is used as a waiting area.

Inside, the lobby is decorated with live plants, with bright green ferns and mosses growing between the concrete elements. Also, modern lamps and a hanging swing are used as decor. Black perforated metal stairs add an industrial aesthetic.

In addition to the coffee shops, there are offices, conference rooms, cafes and rooms for tasting drinks inside the building.


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