Unusual Stone Building New Museum in Japan

Unusual Stone Building New Museum in Japan

Inside there is a huge library dedicated to Japanese pop culture. The shelves on which the books are stored reach a height of 8 meters. We show how unusual it looks.

The Kadokawa Culture Museum project was created by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, and was also designed by Kadokawa Publishing House and the Tokorozawa City Administration. The building is located about 30 km from Tokyo. The museum is expected to become the main attraction of the metropolitan suburb.

The museum is part of the larger Tokorozawa Sakura Town center, which in Russian means “Sakura City”. The center is fully dedicated to Japanese pop culture, which includes anime, manga, novels and games. Their elements will be integrated into the museum, as well as the decoration of event rooms, shops, restaurants and hotels.

The monolithic building of the Kadokawa Culture Museum from the outside looks like a huge multifaceted stone. The architect planned to integrate the project into the natural landscape that surrounds the museum. Natural materials were also used to decorate the interiors inside: wood and heavy granite.

The building consists of 5 floors. On the first one there is a small library and a gallery for exhibits with an area of ​​1,000 sq. M. m. The expositions will be devoted to various topics: nature, science, art, history, fashion and society. The second floor houses a cafe and a shop, while the third is completely dedicated to anime-related exhibits.

The fourth floor is occupied by another exhibition hall and a large library. The shelves in it reach a height of 8 meters and hold about 50,000 books. In the future, it is planned to create a “book theater” in it. On the top floor there are other exhibition spaces and a restaurant.


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