What Does a Garbage Factory Look Like

What Does a Garbage Factory Look Like

The British photography studio Hufton + Crow, which specializes in photographing architectural structures, captured the Copenhill factory, which is hidden under the ski slope. It is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The construction of the waste-to-energy plant was completed in 2019. The project was created by the architectural bureau BIG in collaboration with SLA Architects. The structure was conceived as a part of public infrastructure, which will not only benefit the city, but also become a recreation area for citizens and tourists.

garbage factory

A chimney comes out of the “mountain”, its height is 124 meters. The facades of the building are made of aluminum elements that sparkle in the sun. On one of them, the architects equipped a climbing wall.

The ski trail, which replaces the roof, starts from the highest point of the plant – 90 meters. Visitors can climb to the top by elevator or along the walking paths. The slope is 400 meters long.

Trees are planted on the sides of the trail. They protect the descent from the wind and also create natural shade. In addition, a green hill in the middle of an industrial area improves the environment.

Upstairs there is an observation deck with beautiful panoramic views of the city and the Øresund Strait.

Inside the “mountain” are hidden waste processing workshops, equipped with the latest technology. The plant is expected to process about 400,000 tons of waste per year and heat 140,000 homes. According to the creators, the power plant is so thought out from the point of view of ecology that visitors to the ski resort do not even notice that garbage is being disposed of nearby.


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