What is a Good Laser Level

What is a Good Laser Level

Even the simplest repairs will not do without using a building level. Previously, in the old fashioned manner, all kinds of hand-made plumb bobbins, stretched threads, and bottles of water were used. Now the need for such applied art has completely disappeared, because laser levels have appeared on the construction market. These are unique devices that allow you to carry out any construction work with high accuracy and need to understand how to choose a self leveling laser level? What is a good laser level? What characteristics do you need to pay attention to first of all?

Laser level. Features of construction and work

In order to understand how to choose a laser self-leveling level, you need to understand its structure and principle of operation. A standard laser device consists of several combined systems. These include:

  • emitters;
  • focus adjustment system;
  • Power Supply;
  • leveling and level preservation mechanism;
  • Control block.


Laser level light sources are fairly powerful LEDs. They generate monochromatic light. Typically, in professional and amateur devices, the rays are red or green, which are visible quite clearly at a distance of more than 40 meters. Installed LEDs do not heat up, use a minimum of electrical energy and do not shine worse over time.

Useful advice! The green beam is brighter, it is better seen when working during the day, especially at long distances without using a special receiver.


Each laser level is equipped with a special lens system that can focus the resulting beam at one point. High-quality optics guarantee high accuracy during operation and clear visibility. Some devices are equipped with special prisms that are able to scatter the beam and turn it into lines. Such equipment is more convenient to use.

Maintaining balance

In such mechanisms, the pendulum rule is used. If the equipment is set horizontally, the built-in plumb line is stationary. With a slight deviation, the pendulum head deviates and, when interacting with the magnetic field, generates a current, under the influence of which the system corrects the position of the level. The most accurate systems are capable of responding to deviations of tenths or hundredths of a degree per 1 m. At 10 m, the deviation cannot exceed 1 mm. Professional instruments with gyroscopes and a servo drive respond to deviations much faster and provide maximum accuracy.

Management and power supply

The laser level runs on batteries. For these purposes, manufacturers use mainly nickel-cadmium options, which can be recharged from the network without problems. A high-quality battery ensures uninterrupted operation of the device for 7-10 hours with constant operation. Management on all models is very simple and is carried out with the help of several buttons.

Varieties of laser levels

To decide how to choose a laser self-leveling level, you need to know about all the existing varieties. Similar measuring devices come in several forms. Depending on the accuracy of the measurement, additional functions can be distinguished:

  • laser rangefinders;
  • static builders of simple lines;
  • rotational plane builders.

The laser range finder allows you to accurately measure the distance to the subject, calculating the time it takes the beam to reach the desired point. Such a device is often provided with professional equipment.

Static builders are devices of a higher level. They allow you to get intersecting horizontal and vertical at an angle of 90º. They can project 2-8 lines at one time. In such models, a prism optical system is already used.

Rotational levels. Self leveling laser 360 degrees

Rotational builders are the most powerful, high-quality and multifunctional devices. They are equipped with a head that can rotate and create an image of the luminous plane horizontally and vertically. Such models are often equipped with remote controls.

Rotational laser.
Rotational laser.

Due to the rotation of the light beam, the device forms a plane. With this laser level it is easy to check any surfaces and identify defects. An additional function in it is the ability to create a beam directed strictly at the zenith. Manufacturers claim a beam range of about 50-70 m, but when using a special receiver, this figure can be increased to 300-400 m. The head of the level can rotate at a speed of 10-600 rpm. The higher the speed, the better and sharper the image.

A 360-degree laser self-leveling level is a fairly powerful and easy-to-use device. Its head can rotate in almost any direction, creating both horizontal and vertical planes. The self-leveling indicator in it is small up to 4 degrees. There are samples with a self-leveling indicator of up to 60º, but they are very expensive and their acquisition may simply be unprofitable. 

What is a good laser level. Key Features

There are many indicators on which the accurate and uninterrupted operation of the laser level depends. We list the main ones:

  • error;
  • range of work;
  • kind of laser;
  • power class;
  • battery capacity;
  • self leveling function;
  • protection;
  • equipment.
LEICA Lino Lino L2 Laser Leveling Package
LEICA Lino Lino L2 Laser Leveling Package

Accuracy is one of the important characteristics of any level. The result of work directly depends on this indicator. Its values ​​should not exceed 1-3 mm by 10 m. Professional devices have an error of 0.5-1 mm. When working indoors, an error of 3 mm is almost imperceptible, such equipment is perfect for use at home.

Middle building levels are equipped with class 1 or 2 lasers. These are low- and medium-power light sources, but even they can adversely affect vision. Class 3 laser is used in professional devices.

Battery capacity is also an important indicator. Professional devices work without interruption for about 30 hours. For less powerful equipment, this figure is 10-12 hours. For home use, batteries with an average capacity, but with a high charging speed, are suitable.

Useful advice! The self-leveling function in the device must be able to turn off. This is convenient if you need to put the device at a certain angle.

Since laser self-leveling levels of 360 degrees are often used in rather adverse conditions, their internal parts must be reliably protected. For high-quality models, special sealed and shockproof housings are used. Many samples are equipped with goggles, a case for equipment, a tripod for greater convenience. The kit should also include a charger if the device is running on battery power.
Knowing all the intricacies of the device and the operation of laser building levels, you can choose a good option for home use. Powerful and high-precision models can be left to professionals.


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