What is a Mezzanine | Means and Use Cases

What is a Mezzanine | Means and Use Cases

This question is asked by many people who have heard this term for the first time. The mezzanine is an architectural element. In order to correctly design and implement a project of such a superstructure, you should study several main points that characterize the mezzanine: what it is, how it differs from the attic, as well as the features of its design. The photos used in the article will help to reveal the issue in as much detail as possible.

What mezzanine means?

For people who are far from the architectural theme, it is rather difficult to imagine what it is. A mezzanine is an extension above a residential building, which is most often located in its central part. A feature of this architectural element is the presence of its own separate roof.

what mezzanine means
The shape of the superstructure can be very different, but in most cases, there are square and rectangular options.

Another key point is that the mezzanines have a balcony. The shape of the building can be different. The most common are traditional square options. However, there are also more intricate mezzanine designs (photos confirm this). Cylindrical as well as multifaceted structures look original and can interest many people who dream of building their own home.

Note! Buildings of this type are one-story structures, which is recorded in the relevant documentation. Therefore, such a superstructure should by no means be perceived as an additional tier.

The mezzanine is primarily intended for living. However, in some situations, it also plays a decorative role. There are other options for using mezzanines. It is recommended that they be reviewed by those who want to plan the most functional residential building.

Photos and use cases

Most often, such a structure serves as a summer recreation room, but it is also possible to equip a working area in it, turning the building into a full-fledged office. Another common option is to equip a library here, equipped with book shelves, a table, and other comfortable furniture.

There are also more non-standard ways to use the mezzanine. For example, you can remove the overlap that separates it from the lower tier. This solution will improve the lighting on the ground floor. Photos of houses with a mezzanine make it possible to appreciate all the advantages of removing the floor. Thanks to the multi-level dynamics, the space on the ground floor visually increases. Thus, the originality of this solution is noticeable not only from the outside but also from the inside of the house.

The central superstructure can be completely detached from the lower tier. The options for using and decorating the interior of the mezzanine are countless. It is recommended to determine in advance the purpose of this structure since in this case, it will be easier to plan construction nuances.

Buildings equipped with such superstructures are rare, but this only increases their value and individuality. It is not difficult to build such a structure, because its construction requires a very small amount of building materials. In addition, this is reflected in its value.

Superstructure mezzanine

Such mezzanines have many advantages. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the construction of this superstructure allows you to install a high pipe on the roof. The bottom line is that the chimney draft depends on the length of the pipe, so a building with a mezzanine will be protected from blocking the chimney.

what mezzanine means
The mezzanine is a completely separate area, as it has all the necessary communications

Insulation of the ceiling of the first tier will also cost less. This is due to the fact that the area in which the mezzanine is located does not require a large amount of building material. There is also an advantage arising from the previous point: the load on the base of the building will decrease. Thus, the service life of the residential building will increase.

The construction of this semi-storey can be done in a style different from the main building, which will allow you to get a contrasting house that has aesthetic and functional advantages. The ease of installation of a mezzanine is also often an important factor influencing the choice of just such an architectural building. Of course, its main advantage lies in the increase in living space. It becomes possible to organize an additional room, albeit not large, but rather cozy.

Useful information! The half-storey area is completely separate, as it has all the necessary living conditions for this. Therefore, it becomes possible to lease this room to tenants.

Two-story buildings, as a rule, have an excess of free space. When choosing a building with a mezzanine floor, there is no such problem. The cost of heating the building is also reduced, since it is devoid of a second tier, and the mezzanine can simply be disconnected from communications for the winter.

Thus, such a building has many advantages. A house with a mezzanine – what is it? This is not the most difficult question, as photographs allow one to appreciate the visual merit and overall flavor of such houses.

If there is a desire to retire, then there is simply no better place in a country house than a half-story. This environment promotes mental relaxation and relaxation. Among other things, the taxation system registers this type of dwelling as one-story dwellings. Having additional space, you will not have to overpay for it.

Mezzanine and attic: differences and some similarities

It may seem to many people that the mezzanine and the attic are one and the same. However, it is not. Both of these architectural structures are completely independent. Let’s consider the main differences between these buildings. The first thing to say about the roof. At the mezzanine, it is straight, and at the attic it is located at a certain slope. It is for this reason that people who spend a long time in the attic feel discomfort.

So, attic – what is it? The main functional purpose of the attic is that it is used as a utility room (attic). In some cases, the attic can be remodeled and a full-fledged room designed for relaxation or living inside it can be arranged.

The erection of the mezzanine is carried out most often after the main structure is ready, therefore, even in this regard, these architectural elements are dissimilar. However, both buildings can be erected as a decorative architectural element or carry a significant functional load.

Useful information! The roof of the attic is not separate, as it is the roof of the house as well. The mezzanine has its own, and its walls are located in a vertical plane. Photos of attic houses allow you to more clearly understand all the differences, so it is recommended to pay attention to them.

What other differences do these structures have? The mezzanine has good lighting since it can be made with rather large windows because it has vertical walls. They can be made curly. Natural light will be as good as on the lower tier. Mansard buildings in the modern world are gaining more and more popularity, but this is only because many have forgotten about the existence of their counterparts. The similarity between the attic and the mezzanine is that both of these structures can be used for the same functions.

Mezzanine design features: roof types

The arrangement of this semi-storey allows you to rationally distribute the usable area in the room. Experts recommend this design for houses with fairly high ceilings. There is no need to obtain any permits for the construction of a mezzanine, which also increases the attractiveness of such a solution.

what mezzanine means
In most cases, the roof of the mezzanine has two slopes, but there are options that have a complex and multifaceted design.

Such structures can also have a gable roof, but it is somewhat more difficult to make it (pay attention to the photo of the mezzanines). What is it in architecture? First of all, it is a convenient addition to the existing space. The roof, which has two slopes, is made using hanging rafters. However, this design also has some disadvantages. It is quite complex in terms of installation.

It is almost impossible to make a complex, multifaceted roof on your own. Such work will require not only construction skills but also the knowledge of professional architects. Therefore, it is recommended to hire qualified professionals to build a custom roof. If you want to use this structure not only in the warm season, then you need to pay special attention to its thermal insulation.

There are many layout options

The mezzanine will become a favorite pastime for people who love privacy. Such a mezzanine floor does not have a sufficient area, and it is often erected not for daily use. You can, for example, make an add-on that will serve as a guest room.

Such a structure can also be planned for a nursery since your child will like the non-standard location in any case. The configuration of mezzanines can be quite simple or very complex from an architectural point of view. It is best to build such a mezzanine at the construction stage, but if necessary, add it to an existing residential building.

what mezzanine means
Architecturally, the configuration of mezzanines can be quite simple or very complex.

Such buildings are a real find in architecture. Mezzanine – what is it in terms of layout? So, the layout of such a building requires a clear understanding of its future purpose. The design features are also influenced by other factors, including the personal preferences of the owners of the house and the size of the budget.

Structures made of wood are lightweight, which simplifies the construction of such a superstructure. A multi-level roof can be made of lightweight materials, which will not exert much pressure on other parts of the half-story. Balconies go well with the mezzanine. Building a small balcony on such a superstructure is an excellent solution for making an original building out of a simple one-story residential building.

Useful information! There are traditional sizes of half-tiers. For example, if we are talking about a building with a gable roof, then the height of its walls should not be less than 1 m.It is better to choose the 1.5 m option.In turn, it is recommended that the height of the room at the central point reaches 2-2.5 m.

Transforming an ordinary home into an original architectural structure doesn’t have to hit your budget hard. The layout of the mezzanine dimensions and its shape is carried out taking into account the dimensions of the residential building. It is worth saying that in some cases it becomes necessary to add another log house to the structure in order to strengthen the house, but this is extremely rare.

How best to equip it after installation

The room that is located inside such a superstructure can have different purposes. Its design depends solely on the purpose for which it is used by the owners. Most often, the room serves as a personal office or a room for receiving guests.

what mezzanine means
The design of the room located inside the superstructure depends on the purpose for which it is used by the owners.

It is important to understand that people living in the mezzanine can completely isolate their personal life from those who live in the building itself. This is quite easy to explain because this building has its own bathroom, as well as a dressing room. Access to the street is provided by a staircase. It is not a required attribute, but if desired, it is quite simple to design and implement the idea. But before that, it is worthwhile to clearly understand that this is a mezzanine in construction.

It is also possible to arrange a small kitchen, which will allow the residents of this half-floor to completely isolate themselves from the rest of the house. Consider some useful tips on the internal organization of this architectural structure. Furniture that will decorate the interior space of the mezzanine should be as functional as possible. This is due to the small size of this structure.

Note! Many experts recommend making custom-made pieces of furniture. This will allow them to fit into the interior without any problems. You should not use built-in furniture options, as they will not fit well with the general idea of ​​the upper half-tier.

As for lighting, it is not worth saving on it, since a light room looks visually larger. Daylighting of the room is provided by high windows. Light colors should also prevail in the interior itself. A successful combination of shades will allow you to mask any defects, even if they are rather large protrusions or niches.

It is desirable that furniture and walls are made in the same color scheme. A good solution is to design the interior space of the mezzanine in a retro style. Old furniture will only add to the feeling of coziness in this central superstructure. If desired, you can use a combination of various stylistic directions, but in this case it is quite difficult to maintain harmony.

What style to choose for the interior design of the superstructure

The problem with understanding how best to arrange a mezzanine is that many people don’t know what it is. In the modern world, this term denotes a completely different element, namely a multi-tiered storage area, as described by Wikipedia. Mezzanine – what is it and how to decorate its interior? This is a small extension that requires a unique approach. You can choose the style you need based on the purpose of the half-tier.

There are several solutions that are most suitable for the conditions of this add-in. Let’s consider them in more detail. If the mezzanine will be used as a bedroom or kitchen, then it is best to think about rustic styles (Provence, country).

what mezzanine means
The most suitable design option for a room in a superstructure is minimalism.

If a decision was made to equip the central semi-storey for an office, then in this situation, rustic styles will be inappropriate. The most suitable option is minimalism. It should also be said that this modern solution is also suitable for a children’s room.

The options for using and transforming this usable area are quite diverse, but you cannot act to the detriment of the room. To emphasize the advantages of the central superstructure will allow the study of photographs, which depict the already decorated premises.


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