What will Apple announces in 2021 | Presentation on April 20

What will Apple announces in 2021 | Presentation on April 20

The first presentation of Apple this year has just ended, from which we expected several major announcements of gadgets and software at once .

The presentation was again off the air, this is the fifth event of the Cupertinians without spectators. An unpleasant tradition started back at last year’s WWDC and continued with three autumn presentations.

Walking through the open spaces of Apple Park, Tim Cook told a small portion of statistics and recalled how much Apple cares about the environment. By the way, almost all of the presented and updated new products are made of 100% recycled aluminum . For this, great respect to the apple company.

1.The whole family can pay with Apple Card Family

Apple card family

Quite unexpectedly, the first new product presented at the presentation was the Apple Card Family . In our region, an ordinary card is not available, let alone a family card.

The new system allows the whole family to use one account with different linked cards.

2. We are waiting for updated Podcasts in iOS 14.5

Next, they talked about one of the chips of iOS 14.5 – the updated Podcasts application . The utility itself will not be able to update, all the changes (of which there are not so many) will come to the iPhone and iPad with the upcoming update.

3. iPhone 12 in a new color . Now purple

iPhone 12

After a quick talk about the first two chips, Cook unveiled a new spring color for the iPhone 12. “Would you like me to tap it? It will turn purple! ” – said Tim (kidding).

The novelty was shown in a beautiful short video, which is made in the style of Apple. The only thing missing was Joni Ive ‘s voiceover. Pre-order will open on April 23rd .

4. Introduced the long-awaited tag for finding things AirTag

Air tag

Only the fourth novelty presented at the presentation was a really new and long-awaited gadget. We have been waiting for a label for finding things and gadgets made by Apple for more than a year.

The device is equipped with an NFC chip and needs an accompanying accessory for mounting and carrying. There will be no problems with the latter at the start.

🛒 AirTag will cost 29$.

5. New generation Apple TV 4K with silver remote

New generation Apple TV 4K with silver remote

The appearance of the console has remained the same, but the remote control has been updated. Its body is made from 100% recycled aluminum. The capabilities of the all-metal accessory have also changed.

The upper touchpad has been replaced by a ring familiar from older versions of Apple TV. It allows you to scroll through lists or rewind. The ring area itself is touch sensitive, the capabilities of the previous generation of Siri Remote have not gone anywhere.

The search button first moved to the side of the console.

The box is now based on the A12 Bionic processor (as in the iPhone XR and iPhone Xs ). There is improved HDR support and color calibration, as in all Apple technology.

🛒 The new Apple TV 4K will cost 179$ for a modification of 32 GB and 199$ for a model with a storage capacity of 64 GB.

6. The first iMac with an M1 processor

iMac with an M1 processor

The smooth transition of Apple computers to in-house processors continues. At today’s presentation, they showed the first iMac model on the already familiar to us ARM-processor M1.

Monoblock Apple, in addition to the standard silver color, received 6 more bright body colors. Color options are very bright and frankly not for everybody.

They promise performance 2 times faster than the model on the Intel processor. At the same time, a pair of miniature and fairly quiet coolers will be responsible for cooling.

The updated front camera can shoot at 1080p . As many as 6 speakers will be responsible for the cool spatial sound.

There are 4 Type-C ports on the back of the new iMac , 2 of which support Thunderbolt . The charging cable is now magnetic, and the power supply itself will be portable. An Ethernet port is located on it , which allows you not to pull the network cable to the table.

Touch id

Along with the new computer, they presented updated accessories, of which the new keyboard with Touch ID for authorization and payment of purchases stands out the most. We are waiting for similar keyboards in free sale.

🛒 New iMac with 7-core GPU starts at $1,299 (US) and $1,249 (US) for education, and is available in green, pink, blue, and silver. iMac with 8-core GPU starts at $1,499 (US) and $1,399 (US) for education, and is available in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver.

7. iPad Pro is now also on an M1 processor

It’s time to tell you about the new iPad Pro. Apple’s tablet gets its first M1 processor , like the newly unveiled iMac and the three fall Macs.

The developers claim a performance boost of 50% over the 2020 model. Modifications with a storage capacity of 1 and even 2 TB will be available to users . In this case, the speed of the drive will increase by 50%.

The USB-C port supports the Thunderbolt standard and will quadruple its bandwidth. It will be possible to connect an extensive range of gadgets, accessories and displays.

SIM-enabled versions will receive a 5G modem with data transfer rates up to 4 Gbps .

iPad Pro is now also on an M1 processor

A real decoration of the older model of tablets will be a cool 12.9-inch Liquid Retina HDR display . In terms of features and picture quality, it will be comparable to the Apple Pro Display XDR .

Luckily, all of last year’s accessories will be compatible with the new iPad, and there’s also a Magic Keyboard coming in white.

🛒 With release of the new iPad Pro models, old tablets have disappeared from Apple’s official website. Prices for basic models are as follows:


If you want the larger 12.9-inch version, that is set to cost you a lot more than the 11-inch version.



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