Why is The Steam Generator not Steaming?

Why is The Steam Generator not Steaming?

Often a situation arises – when the steam generator is running, the consumer does not receive steam at the outlet. There are several reasons for such a nuisance, having identified them, some can be dealt with on their own. The main thing is to know how to find a breakdown and fix it correctly.

Steam generators are produced for use in different areas. These can be powerful industrial steam generators, equipment for household needs and for electronic cigarettes. Regardless of the size, the main malfunctions are the same for them, it can be, in this case, the cessation of the supply of steam, or the flow of water from the steam generator. Let’s analyze them using the example of a household appliance for steaming clothes.

The most common reasons for such a breakdown of steam generators can be:

  • the formation of scale and limescale, this leads to the use of plain water in the boiler;
  • bad contact;
  • shedding of the inner coating of the steam generator, such a breakdown can occur on budget, mostly Chinese devices with low-quality parts;
  • failure of electronics, in this case, only specialists of the service center or the purchase of new, better equipment will help.

Let’s take a closer look at each cause and how to solve the problem.

Scale or limescale

Many manufacturers, in advertising their product, indicate the possibility of pouring plain tap water into the boiler. This option is available in some regions where tap water is low in salt. But even in such conditions, on the walls of the boiler and the steam outlet tube, scale forms over time, which prevents the normal operation of the steam generator.

In most devices, according to the instructions, it is necessary to fill in distilled or filtered water, but most housewives do not follow this recommendation. Therefore, there comes a time when the steam channels become clogged with scale or alkali deposits and steam cannot pass through them. Solving the problem of correcting the situation is simple. To do this, the steamer is cleaned of plaque using special industrial or folk remedies.

The advertised “Kalgon” and simple citric acid will cope – the choice remains with the mistresses of the steam generator. The product is placed in a boiler, purified or distilled water is poured into it. Turning on the device, the mixture cleans the surfaces of the channels and the walls of the tank. Thus, the simplest treatment of channels from scale is performed. After that, all parts are washed with water and the device is ready for use.

Large build-up of alkali deposits may require a service center to disassemble and wash the parts.

Deformation of the coating of the inner surfaces of the steam generator

It will turn to specialists, it will be necessary in case of shedding of the surface layer of the coating, the inside of the boiler and channels. Such a breakdown leads to clogging of the steam outlet channels. In this case, it is better to entrust the work to specialists. You will need to disassemble the steam generator and clean the boiler and channels from particles. It may be necessary to replace expensive parts, in this case, it is more profitable to buy a new device or return the device if it is under warranty. But you should not again buy an affordable and unreliable Chinese steam converter and encounter a similar problem again.

If the steam generator does not supply steam, the contacts and the entire electronic control circuit should be checked.

If the device works, but no steam is supplied, in this case, if there are no professional skills, a direct road to specialists. The device is working. Then, at the same time, steam stops flowing at a high water temperature. You can solve the problem, but you will need to disassemble the equipment case and test the entire electrical network with a multimeter. Perhaps the contact just burned out, but this is the easiest option for a breakdown.

More serious problems will arise when the generator electronics and individual control units fail. Such a breakdown will require financial costs and an examination. The thermal relay, pump, other parts and generator devices may fail.

The smell of burning wiring will require the steam generator to be stopped and contacted by a repair shop.

On the forums, you can find more extravagant, but, according to consumer reviews, effective methods to combat the breakdown of the steam generator. To do this, the idle device is connected to the network and the power button is pressed. Now, disconnect the plug from the outlet without turning off the button. Inserting the plug again, you can achieve the formation of steam in the generator. The method is not scientific, but people write that it is effective.

In conclusion, a few tips to help buyers of steam generators.

Going to the store, every buyer must understand that cheaper equipment cannot be of high quality and durable. Cheaper materials and components can lead to a quick replacement of a broken steam generator. It is better to buy products from trusted manufacturers.

Be sure to pour distilled water into the boiler, such care prevents the formation of alkaline deposits. At the first manifestations of a serious breakdown, the device must be disconnected from the network and left to cool. You should not try it yourself, fix a serious breakdown – this will lead to unnecessary parts after assembly and more serious problems. Replace anti-calc cartridges as soon as the warning light comes on.

By choosing a reliable, high-quality steam generator and responsibly servicing it, you increase the period of trouble-free operation of the device.


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