Wood Core Drill Bits: Sizes and Types of Nozzles

Wood Core Drill Bits: Sizes and Types of Nozzles

The chisel as the main carpentry device for making holes and recesses in wood has largely lost its relevance. Along with this, the problem of curved cavities and the need for constant sharpening of the tool went away. The time-consuming process is simplified thanks to a device that can easily perform circular drilling. A wood core drill bits makes holes perfectly even in minutes.

Varieties of wood core drill bits: from thin spirals to large diameter crowns

Wood is a universal material that can be used both in the manufacture of elegant decorative elements, and in the construction of buildings and other large-scale objects. Wood is easily processed; for this purpose, the industry produces a large number of tools for various purposes. Among them are the following:

  • twist drills. Such a tool is in almost every home. The diameter of the nozzles has a range of 3-52 mm. Drills up to 10 mm are made with a smooth shank, more powerful products are equipped with a hexagonal element, which contributes to a strong grip, which is necessary in connection with an increase in the load on the cutting segment;
  • pen drills. The tool is quite difficult to work with. Outwardly resembles a knife sharpened from different sides. The functionality of such a nozzle is limited, it is not recommended to make deep holes with it, since chip removal is not provided;
  • Drill Forstner. Side blades are located around the circumference. The tool gives very clean cuts, made of durable carbon steel;
  • crowns. These are drills on a tree of large diameter, having a cutting edge in the form of teeth, located on a round end.

The content of this article will be devoted specifically to crowns, their technical characteristics and methods of application.

crown on wood
One of the types of ring drills is a crown on wood.

Drill bit on wood: device and principle of operation

A circular saw for wood, which is also called a crown, a core drill or an end mill, is made in the form of a cylinder, one end of which ends with a shank, and the second has a serrated cutting edge. This device serves as a nozzle for the torque elements of drills, perforators, screwdrivers intended for manual work. It is possible to use circular mills for machine tools.

The crown is installed in a special glass, fixed with a nut. In the kit for each circular saw there is a drill that protrudes beyond the line of cutting teeth, which allows you to accurately determine the center of the hole and to ensure a perfectly smooth cut.

Drill bit on wood
The cutting head is made in the form of a solid cylinder edge with sharp teeth

The crown can be either a monolithic design – a cylinder with a serrated edge, or collapsible – cutting rings of different sizes are inserted into a round seat.

If necessary, to perform a perfectly correct and clean hole, use bimetallic crowns on wood. They are made of high strength steel and cobalt. Such a connection makes the tool durable in operation.

Helpful advice! When choosing a crown for wood, you should carefully study its technical characteristics and compare with the equipment available with a punch (drill, screwdriver). Inconsistency can lead to both damage to the crown and damage to the power tool.

Technological parameters and sizes of wood core drill bits

The operational capabilities of the crown directly depend on its technological parameters. They are evaluated when choosing a particular type of nozzle. The main indicators should include:

  • height. It is equal to the distance from the surface to the lowest point of the sample that the cutter performs in one pass. Usually it is standard and equal to 40 mm;
  • diameter. wood core drill bitss vary depending on the outer diameter of the cutting part. Products from sets have an indicator of 30-150 mm. The diameter of separately sold nozzles can reach 300 mm;
  • number and profile of teeth. The larger the diameter of the crown, the more teeth the cutting edge is equipped with. They can be in the form of a regular triangle, or they can be with a vertex inclined by 30-40 ° (the inclination is the same for all teeth);
  • additional tool features. Some devices can perform reverse rotation, that is, change the direction of movement of the crown. This option is most often used in their work by professionals;
  • engine power and the ability to adjust the speed. These indicators should be comparable with the type of nozzle. For example, when using a 68 mm wood core drill bits, the permissible number of revolutions is 950 rpm. For a 110 mm crown – 500 rpm. The larger the crown, the lower the number of revolutions necessary for a quality job.
Technological wood core drill
The crown consists of a cutting head, a shank and a pointed drill with a pointed end

Important! If it is not possible to reduce the speed on a working power tool, you should use a special stand, which can be purchased at appropriate stores.

Scope and features of operation of wood core drill bits of 50, 60, 68 mm

One of the most commonly used is a crown with a diameter of 50 mm. It can be sold either separately or as a unit. The nozzle is made of carbon steel, but you can also find products made of hardened metal. The number of cutting teeth – 30-34 pcs. Any kind of this natural material, including laminated wood boards, is allowed to process with a 50 mm wood core drill bits.

wood core drill bit 50, 60, 68 mm
For many types of work, samples with a diameter of 68 mm are suitable

For hardwood (oak, hornbeam, beech, etc.) it is better to use circular saws made of carbon steel or bimetal. Such nozzles will cope well with a dense structure, performing a neat and proper cut, and will also last much longer.

The technical and operational characteristics of 60 mm wood core drill bits largely coincide with the properties of models with a diameter of 50 mm described above. A popular option, it is used for various household needs, as well as in the manufacture of furniture. You can buy crowns with a diameter of 50, 60 mm in any store selling power tools, as well as directly from the manufacturer. The second option does not require overpayment for commercial services. The simplest metal models will cost 1,44-1,87$.

A crown with a diameter of 68 mm is a “classic of the genre.” This is the most common and often used model, since it makes nests for socket boxes

in wooden walls and wall sandwich panels, which include wood boards. Nozzles are made of alloy or carbon steel, which provides an ideal cut of wood of any quality.

Wood core drill bits 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm: types, prices, manufacturing material

Crowns with a diameter of 100, 110, 120 mm are more often used for the manufacture of decorative products. During the repair, they can be used to install junction boxes of various communications. This diameter requires the appropriate power of the power tool to which the nozzle will be attached, and it should not be less than 800 watts.

wood core drill bit 100 mm, 110 mm, 120
Using nozzles with a diameter of 120 mm, you need to select the tool that is suitable for power

Wood crowns of 110-120 mm are of the average size type, so all manufacturers have them, which allows you to choose the right option for both technical and price indicators.

Products can be sold in separate nozzles or in the form of removable rings in sets. High-strength steel is used as a material for manufacturing. Some manufacturers (Bosh, Matrix, Biber) make bimetallic circular saws of this diameter, which are distinguished by great strength and a good resource.

Before using nozzles of this size, it is not necessary to pre-cut the hole, and after drilling, there is no need to process the inner surface.

The price range of these nozzles is significant. For example, a 120 mm Matrix wood crown costs 4,31$, an analogue from the manufacturer “Enkor” costs 1,15$.

Technical and operational characteristics of wood core drill bits 127 mm, 150 mm, 160 mm

wood core drill bit 127 mm, 150 mm, 160 mm
The price of crowns with a diameter of 210 mm differs significantly from different manufacturers

Crowns for wood 127, 150, 160 mm are referred to nozzles of large diameter. Almost all of them are bimetallic models, since a solid cutting tool is required to drill significant holes. A crown with a diameter of 127 mm can be sold separately, but more often it is the largest nozzle in the set of crowns.
The price of a single bimetallic version reaches 14,38$. A set of metal crowns can be purchased for almost the same money – 12,94-14,38$.
150 mm wood core drill bits have been used successfully for repairs. With their help, holes are made for ventilation, lamps, septic tanks are equipped. Such a crown requires a power tool with the ability to adjust the speed. The first cuts are made at a frequency of 950-1300 rpm, for the subsequent rotation speed must be reduced to 500-600 rpm.
DeWalt and Bosh crowns are especially popular. Products of these manufacturers have increased strength, at which the cutting part is not damaged even when hit on metal elements.
Crowns for wood 160 mm can be used for decorative woodwork, as well as in the construction or repair work in houses built of timber. Such a bimetallic nozzle successfully passes even the hardest wood layers, leaving behind an ideal inner surface. Technical and operational characteristics practically coincide with the properties of 150 mm crowns, however, the price is slightly higher (10-12%).

Helpful advice! When making holes with large-diameter crowns in chipboards, do not press on the cutting edge in case of difficult passage – small chips may form on the upper edges of the hole.

Wood core drill bits 210 mm: selection of power tools, prices

wood core drill bit 210 mm
The price of crowns with a diameter of 210 mm differs significantly from different manufacturers

A 210 mm crown is a reliable nozzle. More often it is acquired by professionals for construction and repair work. Moreover, you can make holes with it not only in wood, but also in gypsum, sheet steel, plastic. The product is bimetallic, durable.
Not every power tool is compatible with such a nozzle. It can be a hammer drill or a powerful drill. No screwdriver will provide full-fledged operation of such a circular saw. The power of the device should not be lower than 1300 watts. Mandatory function of changing the speed. A nozzle of such sizes is often used for stationary devices, since it is quite problematic to work with a puncher with such a mill in manual mode.
For uninterrupted and high-quality work of crowns on a tree of large diameter (210-250 mm), the speed should be set correctly:

  • the optimal indicator for softwood drilling is 350-400 rpm;
  • when making holes in hardwood – 500-600 rpm

These nozzles are more often sold as a separate option than in the kit. The price of crowns with a diameter of 210 mm differs significantly from different manufacturers. For example, a similar ring saw of the American company DeWalt will cost 9$. A nozzle with absolutely identical technical and operational characteristics “Zubr” costs 15$.

Wood core drill bits Bosch: types of nozzles, application, prices

Bosch tools have long settled in the domestic market and almost all the time they occupy a leading position. Bosch is a brand that does not use its former merits, and by constantly improving technology confirms its status. Products of this manufacturer are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • good quality material. Small diameter nozzles are mainly made of high-speed steel, wood core drill bits of 110 mm or more are bimetallic (high-speed steel alloyed with cobalt), resistant to mechanical stress and providing an even cut when making holes;
  • variety of species. Bosch company offers crowns from 14 to 152 mm in size, sets with a complete set of 5-13 nozzles, saw crowns for 5-8 elements. The latter are a convenient option for making coarse holes in hard and soft materials;
  • optimal equipment. All the crowns of this manufacturer come with Power Change adapters: for drills it is a hexagon, for perforators it is an SDS Plus mount.
bosch wood core drill bit
Bosch crowns are hardy, do not overheat, do not deform during sawing

Bosch crowns can be used to make holes in sheet metal, wood, laminated wood boards, drywall, plastic, laminate, and multilayer materials. The price of crowns ranges from 5,75$ for a nozzle of 14 mm, 14,38$ for a crown on a tree of 120 mm to 50,33$ for a 300 mm bimetal circular saw.

Important! Having chosen the Bosch crown, it is worthwhile to purchase lubricating-cooling oil and a spare centering drill (in case you plan to use the circular saw intensively and for a long time) at the same time. These necessary consumables will ensure high-quality tool operation for a long time.

A worthy product of domestic production: a set of crowns for wood “Zubr”

Zubr is a domestic manufacturer of hand-held power tools, including core drills for working on wood, wood materials, gypsum, and plastic. Particularly popular are sets of crowns for wood. Zubr is a company that not only produces high-quality goods, but also provides its worthy support, taking care of customers. By picking up a cardboard package, you can easily find on it all the necessary information about the number of items, the quality of the material, the method of use and the suitability of the power tool.

wood core drill bit Bison
The company “Zubr” produces wood core drill bits with centering drills from high-tech tool steel

Set units are conveniently placed in a compact plastic case, on the inside of the upper part of which there is a detailed assembly diagram of the nozzle. The standard kit includes the following elements: 5 hole saws, center drill, hex shank, patch plate and key. Kits can have drills of different sizes: from 64 to 102 mm, from 33 to 83 mm, etc.

The main material for the manufacture of Zubr wood core drill bits is high-quality carbon steel. The average crumb of tungsten carbide, which forms the basis of spraying, allows you to make even cuts and significantly extends the life of the cutting edge.

A set of ring nozzles costs 7,2-10$. Sets with a large number of circular saws (10-12) have a price of 14,38-21,57$.

Affordable and functional option: crown on wood “Enkor”

The Enkor crowns are made in China and sold by a Russian company located in the city of Voronezh. Compared to Bosch products, these nozzles are a more simplified option, but they do not lose their performance. With their help, you can make blind and through holes in wood, wood boards, drywall and plastic.

wood core drill bit Encore
The “Encore” crowns are installed on a regular household drill, suitable for working with wood, plastic, plywood, chipboard, MDF

For the manufacture of nozzles, high-strength steel is mainly used, which has an external coating that protects against corrosion. For the sake of objectivity, it should be noted that the protective layer during operation is significantly damaged from mechanical stresses, so for the safety of the tool it is worthwhile to provide the necessary conditions.

Encore nozzles up to 65 mm have a shank with a diameter of 19 mm, wood core drill bits of 68 mm and more are equipped with a 32 mm mount.

It is worth noting that the products of this manufacturer are distinguished by a variety of sizes, which allows you to choose the right diameter and make a hole without additional drilling and unnecessary voids. For example, in the range from 80 to 90 mm, you can choose the nozzle 80, 82, 85, 88, 90 mm.

bimetallic products
Bimetallic products do not blunt for a long time, even when in contact with nails, fittings

Enkor circular saws are characterized and reasonable prices. A 22 mm crown can actually be purchased for only 0,7$. A very running version of the nozzle with a diameter of 70 mm costs 1,5$. The price of a crown 127 mm is 2,52$.

Hole saws from this manufacturer do not have a large resource. With proper use and storage, they will serve for a long time, worthily fulfilling their purpose.

Simplicity of device and wide possibilities: ballerina on wood

If necessary, a hole in a large diameter can be made in the material, a drill can be used, which in everyday life has received a very harmonious name – a ballerina (by the external similarity of the divorced cutting elements of the device with the image of a dancer). Such a device consists of a centering drill and cutters, which are moved along the guide in different directions at the same distance, thereby marking the dimensions of the diameter of the future hole. Most of the ballerinas have two incisors, but there are also three models.

The principle of operation of this variety of drill bits:

  • the central drill makes a hole in the material;
  • incisors outline a circle line that determines the size of the future recess;
  • manually (using a rotator) or using a rotary power tool, the device is set in motion.
most ballerinas
Most ballerinas have two or three incisors

Ballerina can make holes in wood, wood materials, drywall, ceramic tiles, plastic. Such a nozzle is inexpensive and quite suitable for non-professionals.

Helpful advice! Using a ballerina as a nozzle for a manual mechanism, efforts should be made when centering and the first rotational movements of the incisors, outlining the contour of the future recess. Insecure movements can cause chips on the upper edge of the material.

wood core drill bits: conditions for proper use

choose drills
You should choose drills for crowns with high power, a convenient handle

For a tool to function properly, it must be used properly. This means compliance with the norms and requirements of technical conditions, application in accordance with the purpose and compliance with the rules during work:

  • a drill with a nozzle-crown cannot function continuously for a long time, since it heats up significantly. You must either equip the tool with an additional cooling system, or take a 15-minute break after every 30-40 minutes of operation;
  • manufacturers do not produce special crowns for drywall, wood mills are used to drill this material. The power of a power tool with a torque can be much lower than the optimal indicator for drilling, for example, beech;
  • when working with crowns, the method of connecting the shank with the cylinder should be considered. If flat soldering is used, it is necessary to avoid lateral loads on the device and be sure to take breaks in operation to prevent overheating and defects at the junction. In the case when the shank is embedded in the landing part of the crown and soldered, an additional support appears – a collar, as a result of which the joint strength becomes much higher;
  • you need to pay attention to the price of crowns for wood. You can not intensively exploit the nozzle purchased for 0,72-1$ and count on the long term of its full-fledged work. For this type of instrument, price and resource are directly dependent.
tool will last much longer
With proper use, the tool will last much longer

Any tool requires skillful use of it. In working with nozzle crowns, experience is not so much important as knowledge regarding the technical capabilities of the device and the intended use. The market offers circular saws for both amateur craftsmen and professionals. It is important to make a reasonable choice.


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